Shank (PC) Errors, Crashes, Freezes and Fixes

Shank is a 2D side scrolling endless cinematic brawler, which mixes the beat-em up gameplay with a flair of some of the most iconic movies of this generation. Shank immerses players into a revenge story, in which the hero battles the criminal underground in order to seek revenge. Shank was recently released on PC via Steam, you can refer to the troubleshooting guide below to find the workarounds to the most common problems.

1# Error, Shank is not Valid
Happens when your product code is not valid, double if you are putting the code right and if it is still not activating the game, shoot an email to Steam Support.

2# Error in Application.exe
Re-install the game or replace the executable from the installation folder. Better do an integrity check as few files may be corrupted hence causing this error error.

3# Game Runs Too Fast (Speedy Gameplay)
Run the game in windowed to resolve this issue, but you may still experience instances in which the game will certainly run too fast like during boss battles.

4# Shank, Can’t Launch the Game
1. Restart Steam.
2. Restart Computer.
3. Go the folder and launch the application directly.
4. Validate integrity of game cache.
If that Doesn’t work, try this.

  • Go the folder in your steam index/common/shank
  • Delete the Type. file “srcds_run” and then re-validate the integrity of game cache.

5# Shank, Black Screen Fix
When you launch the game you come across black screen of death, you can hear the sound but can only see black screen. You know what you need to do right ? force the native resolution and refresh rate in the steam command line.


Right click on ‘Shank’ in Steam -> Properties -> Set launch options.
Add “-w 1024 -h 768 -refresh 60”. Run the game, and change video settings in game options to this resolution and refresh rate. It happens because your monitor doesn’t support default resolution.Remove this command line after you have changed the video settings.

6# Shank Executable Stopped Working
Make sure your drivers are updated and there is no application that is conflicting with the game. Better, close all the applications and run the game after having upgraded the system drivers to latest.

If you face any other issues, let us know and we will try to help you out.