Share Your Job Search Success Stories to Win Exciting Prizes

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Every now and then we hear people getting laid off, companies cutting down on costs, resulting in lot of unemployment. Finding a job isn’t easy especially in a difficult economy, but there is hope. All it takes is a little know-how, the right tools and encouraging stories. is attempting to bring together people who were able to find the right job for themselves in this tough economy, to share their tips, and inspire others to do the same using the World’s largest job search engine.

People are finding jobs on despite a challenging job market. The knowledge of using the right tools and little inspiration can do wonders. That is the purpose of Monster Success Stories, a little inspiration and useful tips on how to land the right job.

Monster Success Stories is an effort to encourage hope and optimism through the sharing of successful job-search stories and practical advice. It’s an opportunity to pay it back to the community by sharing your success and helpful tips for expanding your career using Monster.

You can participate by submitting a video, photo or text of your success story or career tips. Your submission will be reviewed and once approved; will be posted on community wall. As an added bonus, you will be automatically qualified for a chance to win exciting prizes as per the promotion.

You could win a laptop, a printer/scanner combo, and a $5000 prepaid gift card to be used toward new professional wardrobe. If your tips are voted the best, you could win $250 prepaid gift card, a professionally written resume by Monster’s Resume Writing Service, or a personal salary report from salary dot com.

You can further check submission guidelines, and promotion details on the community wall. If you are among those who found their job using Monster job search engine, don’t hold back.

Go ahead and share your stories on Monster Success Stories!