How to Enable and Configure Joystick for Dogfighter

DogFighter is a  classic arcade styled combat simulator which can captivate you for a long period of time. Following is a tutorial on how you can enable your Joystick and configure to play DogFighter.

Step 1
First you need to make sure that in the controls menu, it does not say “Gamepad” which means that your X box controller is still enabled. To disable it, simply “uncheck” the box which says “Enable X box controller”

Step 2
Now in the Joystick tab, you can set your keys according to your desire.

Step 3
You can also choose whether you want the to be “analogue” or “digital”. You can use the small icon beside to choose.

Step 4
If you have chosen it to be Analogue then obviously you can also adjust the sensitivity. Actions like Pitch and Ridder are usually analogue.

It’s that simple and easy.