How to import Cities XL 2009 Cities/Roads to Cities XL 2011

Yes, you can import your cities you build in the previous version of the game to Cities XL 2011. If you already have Cities XL 2009 installed on your PC then at the start of XL 2011 you will be asked to import your old cities or not. This is of course the easier way around but what if you have deleted the game? You still can import them to Cities XL 2011.

Note. All imported cities may not work in the game. So you can try your luck whether your favorite city can be transferred or not. For your own safety, back up your all your City save folders.

Step 1
Create a new city in 2011 where you want to build your 2009 city. You can set the road type now, or change it later. Keep in mind that currently 2009 road texture mods only seem to work with ‘default’ roads. Exit the game once the city loads up.

Step 2
Now open your “cities.cxl” file in a notpad to locate your 2009 city name. Search (Ctrl+F) for the name and you will find that which solo file it uses.

Step 3
Now copy the .sol file of your city to 2011 solo folder. Just to make sure that it is copied successfully searech for it in 2011 .cxl file.

Step 4
Delete “save.sav” in the ‘auto’ folder.
Note:If it does not work then try deleting the save.sav file first and then copy your .sol file.

Step 5
Now rename your region#map#.sol file to “save.sav”.

Step 6
Now start the  game and your city will appear as an empty map first but once it is loaded, it will have all the content you have built already.

How to Change Roads for the Imported Cities
You can also change the roads according to your desires by following simple method:

Step 1
Open the cities.cxl file in notpad and search for the following code:

<itm key = ‘Roads’ value = ‘UK’ />

If it is not there then you will have to put it in the file manually.

Step 2
Once you have added the code, you can change the value “UK” to the one you like.

  • UK = English road style
  • FR = French road style
  • DE = German road style
  • US = American road style

To observe the new style on existing roads, you will have to click each one and upgrade it manually. If you want to revert back to the default road style, you will need to remove the entry you modified/added from both city.cxl and checkpoint.cxl, the one in the “auto folder”. You can then load your city and downgrade any roads from the previous style to the default one.

That Simple..