Fable 3 Guide to Characters

Fable returns with another adventure in which players will witness tyranny, poverty and injustice plague their land. They will have to stand up for a change, lead a revolution for a change, for peace. The game will force you to choose a side, how far you can go for the crown of Albion.

You will play as a child of your hero in Fable II. There are lot of characters that will be featured from the previous Fable games, and there are also new characters that you will meet in your adventure. Following is the breakdown of few famous characters that will be featured from previous games, and few that are new to series.

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Fable 2 Characters Guide

1. Theresa
The character is acted by Zoe Wanamaker. Theresa had no idea of her powers as she had spent a quiet life in her childhood in Oakvale. She was the daughter of Brom and Scarlet Robe. The only clue she had of her powers were the strange dreams she used to have from time to time.

When Oakvale was raided she was captured by the Jack of Blades. Tortured, Her eyes were cut out. She was thrown in the middle of a forest to die a miserable death. Twinblade, a bandit leader eventually found her and after that she was raised by him and his bandits. Twinblade himself had a lot of knowledge so he discovered the powers, Theresa was capable of.

He made her the 2IC of his bandit. She slowly discovered her powers and could kill anyone who stood in her opposition. In Fable III’s trailer we see her lower portion of the robe standing next to a crown and saying “A child on who the fate of Albion will depend one day, as will the fate of Aurora” .

2. Stephen Fry – Reaver
The Famous Albion marksman is a ex-pirate. He has the power of eternal youth, which he got from the Shadow Court. He is blessed with skills and known for capturing a ship by shooting its captain from a great distance. One hell of a selfish man, betrays the Hero twice.

He is not patient at all, and self loving person. He doesn’t like anything bad against his appearance and has killed a painter for making his self-painting wrong. In Fable 3 the trailers have shown that he is still in search of fortune, for that he is thinking of destroying a little of Albion area and establish his factories.

3. John Cleese – Jasper
A butler who works for a Royal Family in the latest installment of Fable. He is under the power of King Logan and works for him but sooner he will Join the player’s side and become his loyal ally. He will be helping the player on his wardrobe.

4. Michael Fassbender – Logan
Logan is the King of Albion. He takes over the power from his father/mother’s death. He appeared to the people of Albion as he has took over for his own means. He has no intention of a better state.

5. Nicholas Hoult – Elliot
If the hero is a female character then Elliot will be her childhood friend who will help her in many ways. Although according to some resources it is said that the player will have a choice in the game to sacrifice him for somebody else.

6. Barry Hatch – Jonathan Ross
There is not much information about him on what role he is having on. But it is expected that he’ll work for a industry as the screenshot of him shows that he is wearing the shirt of Reaver Industries.

7. Bernard Hill – Sir Walter Beck
He is Player’s mentor. The player will be taught everything by him. The combat skills and the hard decisions to make. He is a confirmed character of the game. It is also estimated that he will die in the story as there is a track in Fable 3 named “Death of Walter”.

8. Simon Pegg – Ben Finn
He is the soldier of Major Swift and ally to the character. Few words by Pegg for him “man who wants to do the right thing but is constantly sucked back into criminality”.

9. Sir Ben Kingsley – Sabine
Sabine – The King of Mist Peak is a new character to the Fable series. In the trailer he is shown with some other people including a bald lady, Major Swift and Jasper.

10. Captain Saker
He is also a new character in the game, a captain who is a leader of a group of mercenaries.