Cities XL 2011 Mods to Extend The Experience

Cities XL 2011 is the second installment in Cities XL Franchise. This City Simulator game contains some new features which make it more interesting, and likable then its predecessor. There are various mods, maps and cheats that you can use for this game to elevate the fun factor. Here is a list of the user mods, you can install in Cities XL 2011.

Cities XL 2011 General Mods

These mods add specified feature to the game and enhance the experience of the game.

1# Bridge Height
Using this mod you can lower level bridges in the game.

2# Cameramod
This will add 9 different cameras in your game which are rotatable using the mouse.

3#  Landmark mod
This mod changes the harbor settings and name it to Yach Club which can give you landmark and leisure effects and +2 holidays token and there is no noise pollution.

4# Transport mod
Adds new Airport and Harbor with more passengers and freight. There is no air pollution or Noise Pollution.It all costs only 1mil.

5# Lager Plazas
This mod allows you to build larger plazas and parks.

6# More Bus Stop mod
Using this mod,you can build upto 400 Bus stops in a route.

7# Resource-/Token-Count Dialog Mod
This mod extends the resource information of the statistics dialog within CitiesXL,

8# Snapping Streets and Height mod
This reduces the snapping distance between the two adjacent streets.Construction of bridges and tunnels is relatively easy.

9# No Palm Trees on Avenue mod
This removes the Palm trees from the avenues

10# Larger Loans
This mod will add an option to take out a larger loan in Cities XL 2011.It replaces the 1,000,000 loan with 10,000,000.

Cities XL 2011 Graphics Mods

You can tweak the game graphics and make it more colorful in different ways using some of these mods.
1# New York MTA Bus
This mod replaces the original bus with New York MTA bus.

2# Moon mod
It’s moon all the time. Looks good if you want to change the lookout.

#3 Flavour
This mod is pretty useful for the owners of graphic card with pixel shader 2.0. It disables the features of the game that require shader model 3.0 and hence the game does not crash.

4# Nomore boxes mod
If you want that cars in the game appear as cars rather than small boxes then you should try this mod. Appearance of people is also improved using this mod.

5# Traffic Mod
This mod adds more green traffic lines.

6# Australia 2000 Road Texture mod
This mod changes the color of the roads except for the farm roads and the medieval roads.

7# Euro 2000
Another mod to change color of the roads.

8# Australia 1975
This mod too adds various types of road textures.

9# Super High Graphics
This mod improves the overall textures of the game and helps you economizing your system resources.

10# Austria 1970 Road Design Black
Want all black roads? This is the mod you should try.

If you come across any other cool mod for the game, share with us and we will add it into this list.