Nintendo Wii Hacks, Exploits, and Secrets

If you own Wii, and you would like to know these tweaks, hacks, exploits, or call them secrets, for few fun and useful things you can pull with your console. They are:

Keep Blue Glow contantly around Wii
Blue lightning around the disc slot appears when your Wii have any announcement for you, and it disappears as you read it. But to keep that glow constantly which looks very fancy, you have to email to your Wii, use your friend code to email your Wii :
w[friendcode] e.g. w12345678[at]
After you have emailed your own Wii, don’t read that message, The blue light glows until that message is Unread.

Mario Attack
While downloading something from the Official Wii Shop, there is a Mario Animation in the progress bar, if Mario is dressed with red and white (Unlike the usual Red and Blue) you can through fireballs with A button.

Hardcore Puzzle
When you select the number of pieces you want to split your picture into to make it a puzzle from the Photo Channel’s jigsaw mini-game, hold down 1 button before selecting the option, it will split the photo in 194 pieces which makes it real Hardcore Puzzle.

Restore MP3 Playback
The newer version of the Wii removed MP3 playback support, but you can degrade your Wii to play MP3 tracks again by deleting the Entire Photo Channel from the Channels tab, it won’t disappear but it will revert to old version 1.0 supporting Mp3 playback.

Use Your Wiimote with your PC
Wiimotes are detected by Bluetooth of your PC (embedded or external hardware) you just have to press 1 and A button repeatedly while pairing a PC with Wiimote. You can also download a Wii Emulator which converts your PC into a Wii.

If you know something simillar, share with us and we will add it in this article.