Medal of Honor has Everything but Honor

As soon as I started the game I faced my very first problem. The mouse sensitivity was too much for me so I reduced it to zero in game but strangely my mouse speed kept it’s original sensitivity. So then I reduced my mouse speed from windows control panel and strangely once again my cursor was unchanged. As a last resort I used my on-the-fly sensitivity from my mouse drivers and finally my sensitivity died down a bit.

The game starts with us infiltrating a know Taliban base disguised as Talibans. It took only 5 minutes for me to realize the whole Taliban and medal of honor fiasco, words cannot describe how utterly stupid it all seemed to me for we are not actually Taliban. We are US soldiers disguised as Taliban infiltrating an enemy HQ to get information from a snitch. And this was what set off those US war affected people? Sorry for saying but for those who lost their sons/fathers/brothers at the hands of Taliban, this was utter bull crap from your side and yes you probably have loads of free time on your hands. If we had been playing actual Talibans then your words would have seemed to matter. This really was stupid.

Then comes the cheesy dialogues. After your escape from the Taliban city, an Afghani rebel asks the US special forces to kill the Taliban forces because he has a daughter and he wants her to be happy. So our main mission finally starts at this point. I half expected him to say “Whoever kills the Taliban gets to marry my daughter”. We then proceed to secure a landing zone for the US forces. The cut scenes all the time include some pompous general sitting in his VIP room miles away urging the commander on ground to send in US forces instead of the Afghani rebels. They will keep on arguing, the on site commander will mention how the Afghani rebels know of the terrain and are well suited for the war and our US soldiers can call in air-strikes while the general insists that he wants his highly trained US soldiers on the front lines. Really EA, how low can you go? This game is probably funded by the US government into another try at brainwashing its citizens. This I will prove to you time and again in this review.

If history has taught us anything then all the battles taking place on Pakistan’s borders saw to it that they primarily sent the local rebels in. The local rebels or as you now know them as Taliban were trained by US itself and were always thrown on the front lines. Reason off course because they are expendable. Have poor starved people with guns rush the enemy flushing them out and later ask your own men to clean the mess up. The amount of times the cut scenes showing the opposite of this is so much that I had to finally start skipping them.

So we are then asked to kill the mortar teams with our platoon. This mission gave me insight to how poor the AI of this game is. I was playing the game on hard difficulty but still found it so easy to just start running in with guns blazing and still surviving. When I reached the last mortar area I was confused as to where the site was. I was hearing my friendly team mates firing on in the distance from the roof top of a hut. I scrambled above and saw nothing. Three more minutes went by when I finally saw that the site was right beneath us. What my comrades were shooting at is beyond me.

Later on comes the ATV riding mission and saw to the first bug of the game. We reached a checkpoint where my AI friend was not dismounting his ATV and hence I had to reload the last checkpoint. This happened twice. The same mission had those Call of Duty stealth moments. You take the right one and I’ll take the left. Unfortunately, the attempt by EA was so pathetic that it just drained any expectations I had from the game.

I went ahead and killed both of them. My partner and me ran to the next check point and till then my partner is still reciting his dialogues. “Okay you take one on the left and I’ll take the one on the right. Excellent shot etc etc blah blah…”

Farther on we came to a point where we had to sneak into a house when the guards had their back turned. One of the guards kept looking at a wall for 3 minutes and he wasn’t even taking a piss. As soon as I started towards the house I noticed the guards on the left were looking right at me. I took out my gun and was about to fire when I noticed that they weren’t firing or shouting out an alarm. Yes people, they were looking at me but I could sneak into the house. Finally, at the end of this mission comes an area where the moon is directly on top of you. I got a GTS250 with drivers updated and this specific area caused light flickering when you look at the moon.

The whole game consists of buddy boost. Now I was wondering as to how Dusty can climb those high grounds by himself but I need a buddy boost? Wasn’t I in training camp when they were teaching this? Forget the training part for my comrades seem to lie as well. We rushed into a cave and my com went: “Clear on the right… Clear on the left”. Hearing this I ran to the left and saw six Talibans training their guns at me.

After a couple of more missions comes a cut scene where you are told not to kill non-combatants. Shame on you EA, all the world knows of the war crimes US soldiers have done in Afghanistan. The videos of soldiers taking pot shots at civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan are all over youtube. As I said before, this game is something more than just a redo of medal of honor. It has it’s own hidden agendas. While EA might talk of this statement as an act of friendship showing it has no problems with Pakistani people you’ll hear another contradictory phrase in the next mission. “Sooner we are done with this, the sooner we move into Pakistan”


Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor has Everything but Honor.