How to Create Xbox 360 Custom Theme

If you are bored off your old Xbox 360 dashboard themes, Follow the simple step by step instructions below and create a custom theme that suits your taste.

What You Need ?

  • A transfer device (xSata, xPort, Migration Kit, USB drive, etc.)
  • Hex Editor
  • PNG images, which will be your background images (Up to 4)
  • Resigner/Rehasher
  • Xbox 360 Custom theme File

Step 1
Open the theme file in Hex Editor, simply drag theme file onto the Hex Editor exe file, and open all your images in hex editor (by dragging like the theme file).

Xbox 360 Custom Theme_1

Step 2
Now click Search > Go to or press CTRL + G. Type “F000” in offset text bar and press “OK”.

Xbox 360 Custom Theme_2

Step 3
Now click on any of the image tab, then right click anywhere on the text and “Select All” and “Copy”. Now click on the theme file tab (make sure you are on the Offset “000F000”) now press CTRL + B.
It will insert your image. Now there must be Null characters (00) after the image and nothing else, if there is then your image is too large to fit in.

Xbox 360 Custom Theme_3

Step 4
You can add 3 more images as you added 1st in the 2nd and 3rd step, just change offsets accordingly.

  • Image 1 – 000F000
  • Image 2 – 000134000
  • Image 3 – 0002C8000
  • Image 4 – 00039E000

Step 5
Now if you’ve added all images Save your file. Open up CONcept and click open button to browse to your theme file, don’t change anything just press the button Rehash/Resign.

Xbox 360 Custom Theme_4

Step 6
Now you have to take this file to your 360 via any of the Transfer device you use. Now open Xplorer360 or Xport360 and navigate to

Partition 3\Content\0000000000000000\FFFE07D1\00030000

and paste the theme file here. Now you have made your theme, go test and enjoy new colors on your Xbox 360 dashboard.