Minecraft Crafting, Ultimate Guide to Recipes

By   /   Oct 17, 2010

If you are playing Minecraft these days you got to know all the things you can create in this awesome sandbox multiplayer game. Minecraft provides a wide range of creative and useful recipes. Till now there are 96 recipes in Minecraft. All of them are characterized below along with their uses.

Minecraft Basic Recipes

LumberLogUsed as building material and can crafted into many items
StickLumberCraftingSticksIOUsed to craft torches, handles for tools, weapons, sign, and fences
TorcheStick + CoalCraftingTorchIOUsed to lighten up dark places, melt snow and ice, and to keep away monsters
WorkbenchWoodCrafting_WorkbenchUsed to create a larger 3×3 crafting grid
FurnaceCobble StoneCraftingFurnaceIOUsed to smelt ores
ChestwoodMinecraft BlockUsed to store items and blocks

Minecraft Block Recipes

Ore blocksGold Ingot or Iron Ingot or Diamond GemsUseful for compact storage
TNT BlocksGun Powder + SandExplosives
StepsCobblestoneUsed to make long (lengthy) stairs, step over another step makes a complete block
StairsWoodCompact stairs
Snow BlockSnow BallsUsed to store snow or as a building material
Clay BlockclayBuilding material
Brickclay bricksBuilding material
Jukeboxwood + Diamond GemUse to play records (records are collected after creepers with skeleton arrows)
BookshelfWood + Books

Minecraft Tools Recipes

HoesSticks + wood or
Cobblestone or Iron Ingots or Gold Ingots or Diamond Gems
Used to till dust, prepare land for crops, find seeds
CompassIron Ingot + Redstone DustAlways points to spawn position
PickaxeSticks + Wood or Cobblestone or Iron Ingots or Diamond Gems or Gold IngotsUsed to mine ores
ShovelsSticks + wood or Cobblestone or Iron Ingots or Gold Ingots or Diamond GemsUsed to dig into the land faster than hands
AxesSticks + wood or Cobblestone or Iron Ingots or Gold Ingots or Diamond GemsUsed to chop wood related things faster than hands
BucketIron IngotsUsed to hold/transport water, milk or lava
Flint and SteelIron Ingot + FlintUsed to create fire
Fishing RodSticks + ClothNo use Yet

Minecraft Weapons Recipes

BowsSticks + clothUsed with arrows as weapon
Arrowsstick + flint + FeatherAmmo for bows
SwordsSticks + wood or Cobblestone or Iron Ingots or Gold Ingots or Diamond GemsDeals Mob with more damage than hands

Minecraft Armor Recipes

HelmetLeather or Diamond Gems or iron Ingots or gold ingots or cobblestoneHead armor, gives 1.5 armor points.
ChestplatesLeather or Diamond Gems or iron Ingots or gold ingots or cobblestoneChest armor, gives 4 armor points.
LeggingsLeather or Diamond Gems or iron Ingots or gold ingots or cobblestoneLeg armor, gives 3 armor points.
BootsLeather or Diamond Gems or iron Ingots or gold ingots or cobblestoneFoot armor, gives 1.5 armor points.

Minecraft Food Recipes

Mushroom StewRed Mushroom + Brown Mushroom + BowlHeals 5 hearts. The ordering of the red and brown mushrooms does not matter.
Golden AppleGold Blocks + AppleHeals all 10 hearts.
BowlwoodUsed in mushroom stew
BreadwheatHeals 2.5 hearts.

Minecraft Mechanism Recipes

Pressure platesWood orStoneUsed to send electrical signal when someone steps on it, wooden plates also activated when something is dropped onto it
Redstone TorchStick + Redstone DustLow level Lightning, sends constant electrical signal
LeverStick + cobblestoneUsed to send an electrical charge by being turned on or off. Stays in on or off state until clicked
Stone ButtonStoneUsed to send an electrical charge by being pressed. Stays activated for approximately 1 second before shutting off again
DoorsWood or Iron IngotsDoors are opened closed by right clicking or by electrical signals, iron doors are only activated by electrical signals

Minecraft Transportation Recipes

BoatwoodUsed to travel in water more quickly than swimming
MinecartIron ingotsUsed to transport the player along minecart tracks
Powered minecartFurnace + MinecartUsed to push other minecarts along minecarts tracks using fuel (train engine)
Storage minecartChest + MinecartUsed in transporting goods
Minecart tracksStick + Iron ingotsUsed for minecarts

Minecraft Other Recipes

PaintingSticks + cloth blockDecoration
LadderSticksUsed to climb vertically
FenceSticksUsed as a barrier that cannot be jumped over. It counts as 1½ block high for mobs/players, but only 1 for other blocks
PaperReedsUsed to create Book
BookPapersUsed to create Bookshelf
Sign Boardwood + stickShows text entered by user
Oreore blocksRetreiving ore from ore blocks

If you find anything that’s missing from the guide, comment and we will update the guide with it.

Source. Minecraft Wiki

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