Minecraft Beginner’s Guide How to Survive Your First Day and Night

From the last few weeks we all have been hearing about this new sensation, Minecraft.

After playing for a week, I am really getting into Minecraft’s world, crafting some epic stuff. Since this game has launched people are referring to its guides and tutorials because it may look like a simple LEGO world but have a great insight of its own.

This guide will guide you to survive your first day and night in the Minecraft world.

When you enter into the Minecraft world, you are bare handed in broad daylight with no equipment and resources. Gathering resources and crafting them into useful items is the main concern of the game. Now you must plan on how you will spend your night when monsters, creepers, spiders and other creatures come to hunt you.

First of all, you must gather some wood, it is the most basic and useful resource in this world. To do this, just go near a tree and hold Left Mouse Button to begin harvesting lumber. This will eventually make the log drop which you can pick up. Do the same to gather like dozen logs.


Now you have to craft these logs into Lumber and Sticks, Press ‘i’ to open your inventory, now drag the logs into the crafting window to convert it to Lumber, each log will give 4 units of Lumber. Use the other arrangement shown below to make log a Stick.


The second thing you need is coal, but you cannot just mine coal as you did for wood. You need a tool for that; a wooden pickaxe will do it. To make a wooden pickaxe you need a 3×3 crafting table.

To create 3×3 crafting table, arrange four lumbers in crafting table to form a workbench. Now move the crafting table to bottom line of your inventory and use scroll wheel to equip it, now place it into the world by right clicking it (can be picked back by left clicking it). Right click the crafting table to get a larger grid.


Make some axes also to chop down trees more easily and quickly. Make the wooden pickaxe by making the following arrangement of sticks and lumber. A pickaxe can cut through rocks and harvest certain ores. Equip pickaxe and start harvesting coal.


Coal is found as black cracks on rock cubes. Now just start left clicking to gather it. You should also gather some rocks along with coal.


Now it must be getting dark and sun will be about to set. Now you need a safe place to spend your night. For this you must use your pickaxe to carve a cave into a cliff and for extra safety wall up with dirt. This cave will serve as your shelter for the night.

But no one wants to just keep sitting all night long in darkness, you must make some torches for yourself. Use this arrangement of sticks and coal to make torches and hang them on the walls of your cave.


Now you need these two things for the future; a wooden chest (lets you store some valuable items of yours so that they must not get lost when you die) and a furnace (smelt ores, bake bricks and cooks food).


If you have some time until morning, start exploring the underworld, but now almost all your tools may be broken. You have to build some more and some sturdy ones now. Make pickaxes using stone and sticks rather than lumber which will last far long than wooden ones.

Now starts digging into the ground, never dig vertically downwards always go in staircase manner so that you won’t get stuck. You can find a lot of ores hidden underground.


Like Iron appear as tawny patches on rock. Collect all the ores you find in your way, iron is a very useful metal many tools and weapons are made from it. After collecting some reasonable amount of iron you need to smelt it using my furnace to convert it into Iron Ingots.


Now the sun would have been risen or about to be. Make sure you make all the necessary tools for the next day. Now go gather more resources, make tools and hunt animals. Now you have basic understanding of the game and its up to you now that how you will play.