Vanquish Walkthrough Guide (Xbox 360, PS3)

Vanquish is a futurist warfare game by Shinji Mikami, the creator Resident Evil series. Game is set in the near future in which old rivals, Russia and US are fighting to get most ownership of the fast depleting energy resources, US has constructed a space station to harness energy from the Sun.

Russia attacks the space station, captures it and diverts its harvested energy into a single blast wave which destroys San Fransisco. Here is when you come into the scene, you got to recapture the space station with your team of soldiers before Russia destroys their next target New York, in much the same way.

Vanquish won’t be exciting if you spend most of the time as dead meat or stuck, the vary reason we have this walkthrough guide to assist you in your campaign.

Vanquish Act 1 Walkthrough

Mission 1
In the start of the game after the cutscenes.By holding down the boost button run down the hallway as fast as you can.

Mission 2
First of all,you have to get to the turret so use your boost and go through the open door to the left and under the low bridge.Move to the cover next to the wall on the right and pop out to take a shot at the enemy manning the top turret.

Take him down and controlling the turret,wipe out the enemies below. Don’t just hold the fire button,the turrents have limited ammo and will run out of ammo, however u can take the ramp on the left down a level to find another one.

When you are leading your team say ‘Move on through’ and turn around then start working your way towards the door.You have to take down the enemy driving the walker.Kill him,and take control and clear the enemies to the corridor up ahead.When everything is clear jump down from the walker and go to the corridor to finish the mission.

Mission 3
Use boost up the stairs and get ready for a fight once you reach to the top.Kill the enemy close to you and take cover at the barricade. Use the barrels to blow up your enemies and go head to reach the plaza. Climb up the stairs along the right wall and get the sniper rifle.

Take out the enemies manning the turrets and walkers but watch your back as some enemies might sneak up on you when you are sniping.Once you clear all the area move down and join with your team.

Get into cover and take out more enemies as they come.You can use grenades for a group of enemies.When Elena tell you of enemy reinforcement,get in one of the walker and turn it around the gate along the wall.

When the gate opens a large chunk of enemies will start rushing down the stairs that includes a big mech which will start firing missiles and lasers.You should take out the mech,fire at him with bullets from your walker.

Once you run out of ammo use your heavy machine gun and keep on shooting until he goes down. A cutscene will play after that search the area for weapons and ammo.Once the drop ship arrives,use your grenades to take out a bunch of enemies exiting the ship after that get ready
for the first Boss in the game.

KNRB – 0 Argus Robot
Keep some distance from the boss and stay on the bottom level. Slow down time and then by dodging unload the mags of your heavy machine gun into on of his glowing legs.Once you take out one of his leg the boss will stumble and you will get the chance of a shot at the core. Keep on shooting the core until he gets up.Repeat the above process again.

Once all the life of the boss is drained off.He will transform into another form unleashing a ton of missiles so get into cover before the missiles takes flight.Move up the stairs to the top level and kick the boxes for ammo.Repeat the previous process by slowing down time and dodging the attacks and taking out his arms and legs.After killing two of his arms a QTE will appear.Do this three times.

With his arms down,head down the bottom level and start taking his legs off. Just keep on doing that and he will eventually go down.