Alan Wake ‘The Writer’ Walkthrough

Alan Wake slips further into madness in Remedy’s latest downloadable episode The Writer. Help him avoid getting stuck in this nightmarish world forever.

Alan Wake The Writer DLC Walkthrough Guide

Alan Wake The Writer: Getting to Barry

You will unlock an achievement in this level, if you don’t’ die.

First of all, turn your way around from the gate and start looking around. To your right you will find a valve that can be turned. When the valve is turned a floating word will appear above the wall to the right.Swing the light on the pole to hit the word. Try to shake the light around when it is in position.

The wall between you and the courtyard will fall.Grab the flashlight and turn the way around. On your left you will see the word ‘surprise’. Zap it with the flashlight.

A possessed object will attack you through the shed of the wall.Kill it with your flashlight and climb through the hole. Now zap the words to get some ammo, revolver and batteries.Create a ladder on the outside of the shed.

Make your way up.To the edge of the shed you will see a path that you can follow.You will see another ‘recharge’ word on the wall, Zap it to get some batteries and go left.

When you reach at the statue. Zap ‘pump’ to get yourself a shotgun. You are about to be attacked.The path ahead branches left and right. You should go right to move forward but hold your breath for a second.

This chapter has 10 collectibles so to find copies of Night Springs video.The first copy is at the end of the path if you go the left down the fork from where you got the pump action shotgun.

Now go back to the other path until you meet with Barry.Talk with Barry and after that take the road away from the car to the left towards Zane’s Light. When you enter the yard in front of the building you will face a big fight with the Taken.They come in 3 waves.

First of all zap the word ‘tools’ on the right of Barry’s tower to get loads of ammunition. Also take the shotgun ammo you will about to need all that. Taken will show up the right side of the tower.Run towards the fireworks and use your flashlight to take them down.You will create a light field which will drain the darkness from your enemies and make them vulnerable to bullets.

Keep your head down.Fighting among the fireworks is joyful and adventurous because it will kill Taken.But it is really hard to see from where they are coming so its better to move on rather then fighting.Take out the first group of taken.Now check behind you a big Taken guy appears and more will come from other directions so keep moving and avoid being flanked.

The shotgun is very useful here as it will take multiple enemies that are really close a lot quickly.The final group of Taken will appear from the far side of the fireworks and from the right rooftop again.

The Big guys are a low threat in the fireworks field. Identify your enemies and finish them off. After doing that most of the lights will go out and you will be able to resupply.

Look for word recharge that will spawn some batteries at the right corner near the lodge. From there on you will see a bunch of possessed objects pick up and fly around the room.

Sit tight as Zane will appear vanquishing all the objects with the light,you need to go out to talk to him. Check out the other side of the fireplace where the objects were just there. You will see a copy of the Night Springs on the hearth.The fireplace is in the center of the room.

On your left,run outside with the help of the door.Zane will start speaking with you.Go down the stairs make your way to the end of the balcony where the copy of the game is lying near the wall on the left top of the garbage can.

Talk to Zane and move to the right. Grab the manuscript page to spawn few words out.Zap all of them to create a bridge of rocks out to a little boat.Stand inside the boat and clear the word ‘float’ then ‘tools’.

An anchor is attached to the boat clear that and the boat will float you down to the island.You will find ammo and batteries with the ‘tools’ word.Zap ‘cabin’ to create a house in front of you.

Entering the cabin will set it spinning end over end.Wait for the house to rotate upside down before you can run through the hole you entered and jump to the path beyond.But take the Night Springs copy first.

Game:As the house start spinning move back out onto the porch and wait for it to rotate so that you can climb the fence surrounding the porch.You will have to walk in the rotation of the house carefully so you don’t fall off.Drop onto the fountain then on the backside of the house against the overhang roof and finally onto the roof itself.Take the game copy and try to get inside.

On the path next to you,a whirlwind will appear. Ride it,go the manuscript page and you will see a land at the far end of the walkway. Trigger it to create the words that say ‘bridge’ and start zapping them.

Achievement: Get out this part with the tornado in less then 60 seconds to get the ‘Whirlwind’ achievement. Jump on the bus and stand still. You will see a word ‘path’ zap it to make a place to jump off.

Upon landing you will see a big Taken coming towards you.Kill him and go to the top where you will have to repeat the bridge thing again to another path section. Look for the bed its the easiest to deal with.

Climb the ladder and move through the train car. At the far end clear the ‘rocks’ to make a path. You will have a big talk with Zane and find some ammo and batteries. Continue to move forward.

When you exit the log and move into the area ahead,you will enter a Taken infested area. You have to push forward along the path as they will come in several groups. Eventually the path will terminate at a cliff which you have to drop from.

When you see Taken look for the word ‘roll’ uphill. Hitting on of these words will trigger explosive barrels to fall from the hill.These barrels will hit Taken and damage them. Now the first Taken will appear up the hill from you. More will appear as you move onward. Use the barrels and move down to find the path through the wood gate.

Alan Wake The Writer: Following the Path
Grab the tools to the left and Follow the path to your right.You will see a word ‘hole’ fall down an actual hole. You cant hit it but can drop a flashlight down there.Zap ‘fireworks’ and load a bucket of flares.

When you drop the flare down you will open a hole in the pipe. Go inside and to the far end. Now you will find a hole that u can go through.

Up next get ready for a fight with the Taken. As you move ahead a taken will appear behind you kill it and take one of the junctions to the next section. You will come across with 2 regular guys and one with a chainsaw.

Use a flare to fend off your enemies . By using your flashlight clear the darkness and start firing away. Stay alert and watch your back as there might be some left sneaking around.Drop into the hole ahead.

Now in this section move to the left and enter the building. Again everything starts rotating like some kind of ferris wheel. Some of the buildings are strung together from Wake’s memory to make a path.

Just keeping heading through the doors so don’t get stuck into the wheel as it might kill you.When you hit a small body of water the wheel stops and you will see a ghost of Wake jump in. Follow it and you will again lands in a set of buildings.

Make your way forward and you will start to reach areas that will look like the main game. Now you should enter the room which will start rotating in another direction. These rooms will keep on rotating to meet you so wait for them carefully.

Keep on moving until you approach the vault. and into the hallway beyond the elevator. Hit the button and move inside as fast as you can to avoid rotating over on itself.

Achievement. Push the button on the elevator to get the ‘Ding!’ achievement.

Alan Wake The Writer:The Elevator
Exit at the Stucky’s Gas Station. Zap the words to get batteries an ammo. At the back of the shelf there is a hunting rifle but prefer the shotgun as you would be having ammo for it.

Head outside and Taken will attack you from everywhere. There are many things that you have to do before you go to the Safe Haven to the left. Look for the word ‘Boom’ as they will take out multiple Taken. They can trigger a chain reaction so look for opportunity before using them.

Initially you need to blow up the taken with Boom then keep on going and killing more and more taken.Head towards to the right and pick up the Night Spring copy which is to the left of the truck.

Fight your way to the Safe Haven and advance over the log.As you move forward zap the word ‘wires’ and head down the hill. Beneath you, Taken will appear so you have plenty of room killing them just watch for the flying axes.

When you are done with it head down. Zap ‘wires’ and head to the bridge. Cross the bridge and zap ‘wires’ again to start the generator. Head back to the Safe Haven and lower the log lift down to make a bridge and cross it.Move under the bridge to meet Zane and then head up to the bridge.

GAME: Check the right side for the copy of Jacknifed log-hauling truck to find it. Its between the truck and the edge of the bridge. Move to the end of the bridge and look left to find a staircase and some tools.Start climbing.

The next area has three Taken you can kill all of them by zapping the ‘boom’. Zap the word ‘crumble’ and a bus or car will fall out from the air and takes that section of the bridge.

Use these words carefully as ‘Boom’ will trigger a crumble. Now there is nothing here except the Safe Haven. So on the far side interact with Zane and he will create a path for you cross it and collect the tools.

Before you reach the tools spot look to the left and you will see a rusty orange piece of construction equipment. Run behind it and hug the rock to the right to collect the Night Springs copy.

Move ahead and create the rock to make a path for you.You will enter a cave and see a wooden path heading to the cliff side. Run on it as it will collapse. Reaching at the top Taken will start attacking you.Hit the word ‘flash’ and the statues with a ball on it will turn into searchlights,

Clear out the Taken ahead of you and head forward over the bridge. Use the ‘flash’ words and clear your path.Cross the rope bridge and birds will attack you, take them out and cross to the other side.

Use the flare as it will take out the birds as well as push back the Taken.Kill them all and you will be clear to the Safe Haven.

Follow the path and you will come across some wood walkways.As you zap in a rock between them Taken will appear. Moving further on you will enter Dr. Hartman’s lodge again.

After all the talking between Hart and wake hit the tape recorder for a message from Alice.

Achievement. After leaving the room you will get the ‘Heartbreaker’ achievement.

Move out through the door and walk through the cave.Look at the left wall of the cliff to climb. At the top grab some tools and use the ‘tremor’ word to take down the wing of the plane so that you can reach it.Jump on it and cross.

Achievement. You can get the ‘Creative Space’ achievement only by crossing from the center of the fuselage over the other wing to the cliff ahead.Be careful as you fall down then you are out of luck reaching there again.

When you reach the ground you will be attacked by taken. Finish them off. Check the inside of the plane’s fuselage for another copy of Night Springs. Move ahead from the fuselage over ground to the left. Look for the lights ahead to guide you as more Taken will appear. Get to the Safe Haven and you are clear.

Talk with Zane and grab the tools and the Manuscript Page after he departs.Zap ‘memory’ for a short exchange with Alice.

Alan Wake The Writer:Zane Departs
Leave the Safe Haven and head towards the hill. Zap the word ‘ignite’ and you will reactivate the light house. This is a very good tool of destruction in this area of the area.

Achievement. If you can get away without firing your gun until you get to the lighthouse, you’ll earn the “Go Gentle Into That Good Light” Achievement

On the other side of the bridge you will see Taken coming.Hit the word ‘clear’ and with your light you will get rid of the rocks in the area killing the Taken.

Head upward and step around the corner.Now zap the ‘clear’ to draw the taken into the lighthouse beam and in this way you would be able to avoid the fight with Taken.

Just keep on drawing the Taken to the lighthouse to move up. Dodge the attacks and keep clearing the rocks. After all this trouble,finally you will reach the Safe Haven right before the lighthouse.

Move around the corner of the lighthouse and look for the red easy chair and collect the next copy from the chair.Get inside and climb on the top.Zap the word ‘return’ and you will find yourself a ladder.Climb on the ladder and you will trigger a cutscene.

As the cutscene ends Move up the hill away from the cabin and at the top turn to the left.There you will find a garbage can and a copy of Night Springs.Getting it and the rest of the nine unlocks the “Licensed Properties” Achievement.

When you step of the bridge you will come across the Major fight of the episode with enemies coming in waves.

Achievement. If you can get through this fight without being seriously injured, e.g. almost dead with the blinking red screen, you can snag the “Iron Will” Achievement

Right off the bridge there is some ammo and loose stuff on the ground. Take it all and head back to the bridge. You will be attacked by a fast moving taken which will look like Dr. Hartman, as well as birds.

The best way to get through this is by popping a flare when you hear the birds attacking and also focus on the fast moving taken. When he comes close burn him up with your flare.

Burn your enemy down until you take his darkness and then shoot him with your pistol.Ahead of you,you will be again attacked by the fast movers so repeat the process again.

Finish this wave and a third one will arrive with a Big Taken that stomps right for you first. Kill it and second one will appear. Take him out too and a fast mover will appear and take him out too with the same procedure.

Achievement. Take out all the guys and the birds with them.Clear the darkness from the cabin and you’ll receive the “Kill Your Darlings” Achievement

Get inside the cabin for a cutscene to finish the game.