Fallout New Vegas Perks Guide

Fallout New Vegas will be a standalone title, developed on the same engine as Fallout 3, and independent of the story of its predecessor. As the name indicates, it will feature post-apocalyptic Vegas.

Along with new story, new characters, and new city, Fallout New Vegas will also feature new powerful perks that your character can pick after gaining few experience levels, that will improve your performance with V.A.T.S and grant you action points.

As the game has been developed on the same engine as Fallout 3, so you can expect a lot of perks from the previous title to be featured in the game along with addition of these new powerful perks.

Before you start reading all the perks, read our guides on Stats and Traits and Skills and Attributes to understand more about what benefits these perks can bring you.

Fallout New Vegas Perks Guide

Standard Perks


  • Name (Level Required) (Other Requirements) (Ranks)
  • Pe= Perception, Sn=Sneak, ST= Strength, Ex= Explosives, SU= Survival, In= Intelligence, G= Guns,EW= Energy Weapons, Ch= Charisma, LK= Luck, Re=Repair, En= Endurance, Me=Melee, Sci= Science, AG= Agility, Med= Medicine, Ba= barter, Sp= speech

Black Widow, Lady Killer (2) () (1)
It unlocks new dialogue options and increases damage to opposite sex by ten percent.

Confirmed Bachelor, Cherchez La Femme (2) () (1)
It unlocks new dialogue options and increases damage to opposite sex by ten percent.

Friend of the Night (2) (Pe 6, Sn 30) (1)
Now you’ll be able to see in low-light conditions in lesser time.

Heave, Ho! (2) (St 5, Ex 30) (1)
Throwing weapons will now have a greater and a faster range.

Hunter (2) (Su 30) (1)
Your critical damage is 75% increased on animals.

Intense Training (2) () (10)
Now you’ll be able to put a point in your Special attributes.

Rapid Reload (2) (AG 5, G 30) (1)
Reloading speed increased by 25%.

Retention (2) (IN 5) (1)
Duration of skill magazines is increased.

Swift Learner (2) (In 4) (3)
Earned experience points will now always be 10% more.

Cannibal (4) () (1)
Now you’ll have the option to eat a human corpse when you’re in the sneak mode.

Comprehension (4) (In 4) (1)
Your points for reading magazines will be doubled, and you’ll get an extra point for reading books

Educated (4) (In 4) (1)
Every time you advance a level, you’ll gain 2 extra skill points.

Entomologist (4) (In 4, Su 45) (1)
Your damage against mutated insects will be now 50% more.

Rad Child (4) (Su 70) (1)
More Irradiation will increase your healing bonus.

Run ‘n Gun (4) (G 45, EW =45) (1)
If you’re walking and running then your accuracy penalties for one-handed ranged weapons will be decreased.

Travel Light (4) (Su 45) (1)
Your speed while wearing no or light armor will be increased by 10 percent.

Bloody Mess (6) () (1)
Death animations are changed and now your overall damaged is increased by 5 percent.

Demolition Expert (6) (Ex 50) (3)
Explosives damage increased by 20%

Ferocious Loyalty (6) (Ch 6) (1)
Your companions’ DT will increase once your HP is below 50 percent.

Fortune Finder (6) (Lu 5) (1)
Now you can find more bottle caps at the stockpiles.

Gunslinger (6) () (1)
Your accuracy of one-handed weapons for V.A.T.S will be increased.

Hand Loader (6) (Re 70) (1)
Now you can recover more shells and hand load recipes are also unlocked.

Lead Belly (6) (En 5) (1)
Radiation caused by the food and water sources will be decreased by 50 percent.

Shotgun Surgeon (6) (Gu 45) (1)
The targets damage threshold for you will be decreased by 10 points.

The Professional (6) (Sn 70) (1)
The sneak attack critical of most of your weapons (pistol,smg,revolvers etc.) will be increased by 20 percent.

Toughness (6) (En 5) (2)
Damage Threshold is increased by +3.

Vigilant Recycler (6) (Sci 70) (1)
You’ll be able to recover most of your used ammunition (Energy Weapons). Also, it unlocks more recycling recipes.

Commando (8) () (1)
Accuracy of two-handed weapons is increased. (V.A.T.S)

Cowboy (8) (Gu 45, Me 45)
Dynamites, hatchets, knives, lever-guns and the revolvers have more damage.

Living Anatomy (8)(Med 70) (1)
Bonus is increased by 5 percent against humans and non-feral ghouls, also now you can see the damage threshold and the health of your targets

Pack Rat (8) (In 5, Ba 70) (1)
Item weight will be decreased by half for any item less weighing than two pounds.

Quick Draw (8) (AG 5) (1)
The speed of holstering or equipping a weapon will be increased by 50 percent.

Rad Resistance (8) (En 5, Su 40) (1)
Radiance resistance is increased by 25 percent.

Schrounger (8) (LK 5)
You will find more ammunition in the crates.

Stonewall (8) (St 6, En 6) (1)
Damage Threshold is increased by +5 to all the melee and un armed attacks.

Strong Back (8) (St 5, En 5) (1)
Carry weight is now +50.

Super Slam (8) (St , Melee Wep 45) (1)
Your target will most probably be knocked down by the melee weapons.

Terrifying Presence (8) (Sp 70) (1)
Used for intimidating the enemies.

Here and Now (10) () (1)
Level up, instantly.

Animal Friend (10) (Ch 6, Su 45) (2)
The hostile animals will become friendly at first rank and will help you in fights.

Finesse (10) (Sci 70) (1)
Cost of AP is now decreased by 10 percent.

Miss Fortune (10) (LK 6) (1)
This may incapacitate a target in vats by Miss Fortune.

Mister Sandman (10 (Sn 60) (1)
Extra Bonus, will kill a sleeping NPC at once.

Mysterious Stranger (10) (LK 6) (1)
May kill a target in Vats.

Nerd Rage! (1) (In 5, Sci 50) (1)
Damage Threshold is increased by 15, and the strength is also increased by 10 but your health is decreased by twenty percent.

Night Person (10) () (1)
When it is between 6:00 PM and 6:00 AM your intelligence and perception will be +2

Plasma Spaz (10 (Energy Weapons 70) (1)
AP cost is reduced by 20% for all the plasma weapons.

Fast Metabolism (12) () (1)
The hit points are restored by 20 percent with stimpaks.

Ghastly Scavenger (12) (Cannibal Perk) (1)
You’ll now be able to eat Super Mutants or the Feral ghoul’ corpse when you’re in the sneak mode to regain the hit points.

Hit the Deck (12) (Ex 70) (1)
Damage Threshold is now +25 against explosives.

Life Giver (12) (En 6) (1)
Hit points are +30.

Long Haul (12) (En 6, Barter 70) (1)
You can use fast travel, even if you’re over-encumbered.

Piercing Strike (12) (Unarmed 70) (1)
15 points of damage threshold for every melee and unarmed attack.

Pyromaniac (12) (Sci 50) (1)
The fire-weapons will now have 50 percent more damage.

Robotics Expert (12) (Sci 50) (1)
Now you can shut down a robot if you sneak on him, also your damage on them is increased by 25 percent.

Silent Running (12) (Ag 6, Sn 50) (1)
You can now do sneakups while running too.

Sniper (12) (PE 6) (AG 6) (1)
V.A.T.S, chances of headshots are increased.

Splash Damage (12) (ex 70) (1)
Explosive’ effecting radius is increased by 25 percent.

Unstoppable Force (12) (St 7, Melee Weapons 90) (1)
The damage caused to the enemies while they block is increased for your melee and unarmed attacks.

Adamantium Skeleton (14) () (1)
Fifty percent of the damage taken on your limbs is decreased.

Center of Mass (14) (Gu 70) (1)
Torso damages are increased by 15% (VATS)

Chemist (14) (Med 60) (1)
2x Chems durability.

Jury Rigging (14) (Repair 90) (1)
Now you can repair the items by roughly items too.

Light Step (14) (Pe 6, AG 6) (1)
Mines and floor traps will not work.

Purifier (14) () (1)
Melee and unarmed weapon attacks against super mutants, spore plants, spore carriers, death claws, feraghauls and centaurs is increased by 50 percent.

Action Boy and Action Girl (16) (Ag 6) (2)
Action points are now +15

Better Criticals (16) (PE 6, lK 6) (1)
The critical hit damage is increased by fifty percent.

Chem Resistant (16) (Med 60) (1)
Addiction rate is now almost half!

Meltdown (16) (EW 90) (1)
After death, the enemies will release a harmful energy if the cause of their death is your energy weapons.

Tag! (16) () (1)
+15 points for the respective skill

Weapon Handling (16) (St 10) (1)
The strength required for weapons is 2 points lower.

Infiltrator (18) (Pe 7, Lockpick 70) (1)
If you have a bobby pin then you can pick any broken lock.

Paralyzing Palm (18) (Unarmed 70) (1)
An unarmed VATS attack can now paralyze an enemy for thirty seconds

Explorer (20 () (1)
The locations are now marked on the map.

Grim Reaper’s Spring (20) () (1)
20 AP will be increased if you perform a kill in V.A.T.S

Ninja (2) (Melee Weapons 80, Sn 80) (1)
The critical chance of melee weapons and unarmed will be increased by 15 percent and damage with melee weapons and unarmed sneak attacks will be increased by 25%.

Solar Powered (20) (En 7) (1)
Outside only, from 6:00 Am to 6:00 PM. You’ll get +1HP and +2Stregnth by every 10 seconds

Laser Commander (22) (Energy Weapons 90) (1)
The damage is increased by 15 percent and the critically hit rate is also increased by 10 percent, only for laser weapons.

Nuka Chemist (22) (Sci 90) (1)
The Nuka-Cola recipe is now unlocked.

Slayer (24) (Ag 7, Unarmed 90) (1)
Melee and unarmed attacks are now 30 percent faster.

Nerves of Steel (26) (Ag 7) (1)
AP regeneration is now 20 percent faster.

Rad Absorption (28) (En 7) (1)
The radiation will be -1 after every twenty seconds.

Companion Perks


  • Name (Follower Required)

Better Healing (Arcade Gannon)
The consumable sources will now get you 20 percent more health.

Enhanced Sensors (ED-E)
Cloaked enemies can be seen in the VATS and enemies can be detected from far-away ranges.

Regular Maintenance and Full Maintenance (Raul)
Weapon and Armor decaying rate is slower 50 and 75 percent.

Scribe Assistant (Veronica)
Veronica can now be taken as a workbench too.

Search and mark (Rex)
Ammo, firearms and the chems are marked once you zoom in.

Spotter (Craig Boone)
If you are aiming then the Hostiles are marked.

Stealth Girl (Lily)
The sneak attacking critical will have their damage increased by ten percent, also the Stealth-Boy duration will be increased by 200 percent.

Whiskey Rose (Cass)
The damage threshold is increased and you don’t have any side effects of consuming whiskey.

Challenge and Special Perks


  • Name (RANK)
  • Unlock Conditions
  • Advantage

Abominable (3)
Condition:Kill 50,100 or 150
Cause damage to Abominations (+3%,+6 or +10 %)

Animal Control (3)
Kill a number of 50,100,150 mutated animals
Cause a damage of +3, +6 or +10% to mutated animals

Beautiful Beatdown (1)
Kill 42 people unarmed and then cause 10k damage to the enemies, this too by unarmed weapons.
The AP cost of unarmed attack is decreased by ten percent.

Bug Stomper (3)
Kill a number of 50, 100 or 150 mutated insects.
Cause a damage of +3, +6 or +10% to mutated insects.

Camel of the Mojave (1)
Drink a number of 100 water-items.
The hydration and healing of water items is 15 percent increased.

Dine and Dash (1)
Eat a total of 25 corpses with the cannibal perk enabled.
If cannibal is enabled then you can grab human remains

Day Tripper (1)
Use a total of 25 addictive chems
33% longer chem effects.

Fast Times (1)
Use the turbo for a total of 20 times
50% durability of turbo items is increased.

Free Radical (1)
Use a total of 20 RadAways.
The RadAway effect is now 20 percent better.

Friendly Help (1)
Have a total of 15 myst stranger or Miss Fortune visits
Now you’ll mostly see mysterious stranger and Miss fortune at VATS.

Lord Death (3)
Kill a total of 200, 700 or 1000 enemies
Cause a damage of +1, +2 or +4% damage on robots.

Machine Head (3)
Kill a total of 50 and 100 robots.
Cause 3 or 10% damage to the robots.

Meat of Champions (1)
You will get this perk when you cannibalize Mr. House, Caesar, The King and Aaron Kimball. It increases luck, strength, charisma, intelligence for 60 seconds each time a corpse is consumed.

Melee Hacker (2)
Kill a total of 125 enemies first (melee weapons only)
Cause 10k damage at Rank 1 with one-handed melee weapons and 10k with two handed melee weapons at Rank 2.
Level1 attack speed is 5% increased, Level 2 attack speed is 10% increased.

Mutant Massacrer (3)
Kill a total of 50, 100 or 150 Super Mutants.
Causes a damage of +3, +6 and +10 to the Super Mutants.

Power Armor Training (1)
Finish For Auld Lang and Still in the Dark
Now you can wear all the Power Armor variants.

Set Lasers (2)
Use energy weapns and kill 64 enemies.
Cause 25k damage with rifle-grip energy weapons at Rank 1 and 16k damage with pistol-grip energy weapons at Rank 2.
Critical hit chances are increased by 2 and 4 percent for all energy weapons.

Tough Guy (1)
Get crippled for a total of fifty times.
All the limb attacks on you are decreased by 20 percent.


Name (Rank) (Advantage) (Price at Dr. Usanagi)

Below are all the implants that you can buy at Dr. Usanagi.

  1. Agility Implant (1) (+1 Agility) (4000 caps)
  2. Charisma Implant (1) (+1 Charisma) (4000 caps)
  3. Endurance Implant (1) (+1 Endurance) (4000 caps)
  4. Intelligence Implant (1) (+1 Intelligence) (4000 caps)
  5. Luck Implant (1) (+1 Luck) (4000 caps)
  6. Monocyte Breeder (1) (+1 health/ 5 sec) (12000 caps)
  7. Perception Implant (1) (+1 Perception) (4000 caps)
  8. Strength Implant (1) (+1 Strength) (4000 caps)
  9. Sub-Dermal Armor (1) (+4 damage Threshold) (8000 caps)

Unarmed Perks

All of these perks have a unique unarmed attack.


  • Name (rank)
  • Condition at which you acquire it.

Khan Trick (1)
Do all the Great Khan drug tasks

Legion Assault (1)
Talk to Lucius with 50 unarmed.

Ranger takedown (1)
30 speech, talk to Ranger Andy.

Scribe Counter (1)
Put either the Formal Wear or White Glove Society Attire to Veronica’s inventory.

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