Arcania Gothic IV Walkthrough Guide

In Arcania Gothic IV, you take on the role of a hero when your village is destroyed by the paladins of the king. Soon, you realize the dark evil power dictating all the events, and that you are not alone in unraveling the hidden mysteries as you continue your journey to take revenge. If you need help while playing the game, don’t worry, we have you covered with walkthrough guide below.

Arcania Gothic IV Walkthrough

The Cave
Move down the cave to the end. When you reach the gate open it.As you move through the gate and attack your enemies you will unlock the First Blood Achievement.Move on and continue killing your enemies.Go through the tunnel until you reach outside and you will unlock your first quest.Just select the new quest.Now the objective is to find out Ivy’s father Gromar.

Gromar’s Blessing

Melgan’s Dagger
Go to the center of the village where you will find Gromar standing up in front of the bench.If the player is lost,take out the map and look for the area that looks like a giant clearing. A conversation will start between you and Ivy’s father when you find him.He doesn’t seems to be happy and you will soon find it why.

Now if you move north from where you meet Gromar you will be able to complete the quest.and also acquire a weapon(The Rotting Club) which you can equip from the inventory.Head down the bridge and into the cave.You will encounter mole rats so kill them for experience. Go left at the junction in the cave and you will find the Melgan’s dagger on the table.

Go back and talk to Knut. By killing all the molerats you will gain experience by completing the ‘Molerat Hunt’ quest.Go inside the house next to Ivy before you go back and see Gromar.You will find 2 treasure chests filled with stuff and a bed that you can rest in.

The Smuggler
Talk to Gromar and he will direct to you to drive away a smuggler.You will level up and receive some updates and also get a gate key.Select ‘The Smuggler in the Forest quest’ to start.Go to the left and up from where you met Gromar to a wooden gate.

Go all the way down to meet the smuggler.Hit him when he is not blocking and it would be an easy fight.The smuggler will offer you his weapon if you take
out the group of goblins by the beach.Go down to the beach and goblins will be waiting for you by the boat. Take them down and eat the apples to gain health.Go back to the smuggler and he will give you his weapon which you will take it to Gromar.

The Deer Hunt
Have a chat with Ivy.She will be standing by the gate which you opened to find the smuggler.After Ivy opens the gate for you,go down the path and on your right equip the bow.Now its stag hunting time.

Take out 3 deers(you will unlock the Hunter Achievement) and collect the antlers. Find Gromar and talk to him.

The Engagement Bangle
Talk to Halvel where you found Gromar.Then talk to Orruk who will ask you to gather some toadtools in exchange for the amber.Go back to the forest where you hunted the deer and go down the hole until you see the gate.

Go through the gate and gather the 6 toadtools scattered in the area.Take out the enemies go get some good experience.Go back to Orruk when you are done and he will give you the amber.

Talk with Halvel who will be working on the molding weapons by a fire in the southwest part of the town.He will give you the engagement bangle and you are done with the ‘For Ivy Quest’. Speak to Ivy at the center of the town and you will unlock the Family Man Achievement after doing so.Go to the waterfall cavern and you will meet with Knut. He will fight with you.Once you defeat him you will complete the Jealous Farmer quest.

Talk to Diego in the waterfall cavern and he will give you another task to test your skills.

Leave the Diego’s hut through the back entrance after receiving the herbs.Head to the east until you reach a path and move to the left to follow the path to the north.Go inside the hut to your left and speak with Lyrca.After gaining the ability of magic you have to kill 6 loam vermin and their queen.Cast the newly acquired lightning spell and kill the queen.After doing that you will get the ‘Queen slayer Achievement’.

Reaching Silverlake
Go up the cliff east of Diego and you will reach a structure.Go inside and speak with Murdra. She will give you location of Daranis who is upstairs.
You can also buy equipment and other useful items from Murdra. Go upstairs and check the rooms until you find the room with Daranis.

Go out and take a southwest path to the beach and fight with the 2 woodcutters and Garv to get mead.Take the mead back to Mudra to get the Greenhorn Achievement.

Head south and enter the mines.The digger inside the mine will ask for an alembic.Go back and follow the sign to get to the entrance of the old tunnel.If you see a sign saying danger,Goblins! then you are at the right place.

Go down the tunnel till you see a table to your right.Prepare for a fight with an ancient relic.Now you will find the digger again,give him the alembic.After you are done with it,head inside the mines and take the Iron Boletes.Take them to Murdra. Head north until you reach the guys guarding the bridge.

Speak with them and hand them the mead.They will open the gate in return.Go through the gate and into the next stage.

Go up the stairs and check the available shops.Reach to the top and talk to Gorn then go to the south of the city and talk to Aldrich next to the prison.Talk to Diego and go west around the tower to locate Winstan.

Head out of Stewark and go to the northeast. You will reach a cave with a rebel infront of it.Take down the rebel and go inside.Go to the end of the path and find Mermund.Talk to him.He will ask to find him the documents.

Go to the rebel hideout west of the town and make your way in.Go down the end of the tunnel and defeat the enemies to get the documents.Head back to the Stewark to the west and go up the flights of stairs where you will meat Gorn.You will now see Baron.Talk to Baron and he will give you the permit to proceed onwards.You will get the Kingmaker Achievement.

Go the east areas of the Stewark and head to the gate.You will be asked for the permit,show it and be let through.Enjoy the cutscene.
Proceed to the town and speak with Glithor in front of the first house. From here head northwest and you will reach Doran.

Talk to him. Go to the goblin cave and recover the standard that Doran asked you to.Go back and talk to Doran.Head south to exit the town and you will see a sign pointing you in the direction of Silverlake Castle. Go through the gorge until you reach the gates and Talk to Norman.

He will let you in.Find and talk to Glithor who will guide you the rest for your quest.Now head to the Orc cave.

Leave the city by moving south and past the bridge.Stay to the east on the path and you will see a gate with an orc guarding it.

Talk to him and now its time to find Melog. Head south to find the shaman Melog in the only visible structure. Melog will ask you to find Irrigh. Take the path to the west and find Shalog who will be sitting by a fire not too far from where Irrigh was. Get ready for a quick fight.

Head to the easternmost part of Silverlake and you will find a cave.For the enemies choose whatever you want.Circle around the path until you see a chest with ‘!’ above it. Irrigh soul will be there.Make your way back and give Irrigh his soul who will be in Melog’s hut.

After you are done with it, you will come away with the Scaboze.Go back to Orc cave(you can also you the teleporting device which will take you directly to the cave.)

You will now be able to enter the Orc layer.After speaking with some of the residents you will realize you have to go back to the Melog’s hut.
Speak with Irrigh and he will give you his soul.Go back to the cave and go down the path.Challenge Erhag for a duel.

Use some healing items when fighting with him and dont let your health to critical.Defeat him and free the Lord Gawaan.You will need to free Gawaan’s men who are held prisoners.Go north to the Orc caves and use the map for locating targets.You have to take down the orc slave drivers as quickly as you can.Kill the 2 orc leaders wandering around the caves.

Head back to Silvertake Castle and take to Gawaan who will grant you access to the castle archives.

Take the map in the cellar located on the southern tip of Silvertake. Return to Gawaan and talk to him.You now will head to Tooshoo. For completing these quests you will unlock the Champion of Silvertake Achievement.

Head towards the southernmost part of the map and you will reach the rubble which Gawaan told you about.Use the scroll he gave you and move the rubble out your way.

After moving it defeat the Rock Golem.Reach the civilization and speak to Gilana.Go down the basement and talk to Vultus. Go back again and talk to Gilana.Head to the cave west of Tooshoo and you will find the runaway snapper.Defeat it and take the collar back to Gilana.

Go back to Tooshoo and speak with her.Go to the ruins southwest and you will find a straw hat.Take it back to Vultus. Vultus will send you to the Elements Shrine. Head to the south and jump down into the ruins. Before leaving the town,read the following list of preparations to make.

Gather as many healing items you can because the enemies in the next area are tough and too many. Support your best equipment also you should have atleast 50 arrows for your long ranged bow. Once you reach the ruins follow the path and kill all the enemies in your way.

Your jop is to head towards the exclamation mark on the map. As you go through the ruins you will come across with a locked gate. Move past it and find the key for the gate.

Now go back through the gate and pick up the Shrine Parts on the floor.To exit the place quickly follow the same path you are on and drop from the ledge then head west.As you exit the place Zyra will be standing outside.Talk to her.Be prepared to fight her in a duel.She is physically weak.

Speak with the elements shrine and make your pick.Head north to Tooshoo and speak with Gilana. Head the walkway to the library and talk to Calamus.

He will open a door for you.Move past through it and talk to Merdarion.You will unlock the Master of the Elements Achievement. Go back the path you just came to the library and speak with Calamus again.

Go around the door that was locked previously and open it.Talk to the mage outside the room.Move ahead to the southeast of Tooshoo and you will come across with a hut.Speak with Milten inside the hut. Follow the glowing weed which will lead you to the cave. Go through the cave and you will get yourself into a boss battle.

Attack the orcs with your physical attacks.Speak with Lester and move to the statue right next to him to reveal a secret passageway. Cross the long bridge and you will know that you are going in the right direction if you see the sign directing you to the monastery.

The Monastery
Work your way to the top of the path and speak with Ruhndor.You will trigger a boss battle with 2 Holy Guardians.Dodge their attacks as they are slow.After the boss fight you will have to fight Ruhndor as well.

He will hit hard so be carful.His defence is weak so it wont take much time in taking him out.You will grant access to the next area where you will talk to the 2 abbots.Exit the monastery and reach the Black Gorges.

Go past through them and head up until you seea red target on the map.Go through the tunnel.Once you pass it,you will see a sign pointing you towards the Setarrif. Follow that direction. You will see a few more signs on your way.

Once you reach the city. Stock up some equipment and potions as much as you can.

Temple Tantrum
Head back to the entrance of the city and follow in the direction with the sign saying Caution: Troll. This is where the temple is.Go inside and speak to the spy.You will have to fight the spy so target only him and ignore the rest.

After the fight is over go inside the temple until you reach the giant bug egg sack.If you try and attack it.You will get into a boss battle which is somewhat difficult. Do not get hit. Go out the exit past the egg sack and enter into the cave.When you reach the fork head down the path that is gated off.

Continue going down until you reach the same gate you just entered. But this one will be locked and you need to find the key. Once you find the key and open the gate.You will get into a difficult boss battle.

The man idea here is to take out you long ranged bow and back away quickly as you fire.It will help you in taking less damage.

You will meet the ghosts of Ahn’Nisiri. They will reveal something for you.Go down the path and exit the place.Continue on until you reach another entrance.Talk to the first person you see and enter the cave next to him.

Take down all the undead and go back and talk to the same person.You can find the village of the undead in the southwest of where you are now.

King Rhobar and the Last Dungeon
In this city,make sure you do some shopping with the money you have.Talk to the men with the quest mark on his head and he will have you activate 2 obelsiks.You have to find them in the suburbs.Use the map for directions. Head down the shore side and through with some undead enemies.

You will find a hologram with some information and Diego near it.Talk to him.Speak to the man next to Jovie. He will direct you to the alley.Use your markers to find the alley and take out the enemies.From this alley you will be able to get to into the castle.

Your goal now is to storm the Bastion.Cross the bridge in the city and go east to reach the Bastion.Speak with the prisoner and exit Bastion. Head to the coliseum to engage a boss battle with Drurhang.

Conserve your resources for this battle.Go to the castle and talk to the king.You are going to the Defiled temple now. Talk to Merdarion and use the quest marker target on your map to find him.

After talking to him, you will be able to go through the temple. The path is straight and you will see Daranis at the end of it.

You are required to Kill 5 Ahn’Bael in the area. You will have to follow the targets on your map.They are easy to defeat. Follow the red marker on the map to speak to Ningal.

Go to the south to the graveyard and enter the tunnel. Pass it and you will end up in Xardas tower.There are plenty of enemies here. The upcoming boss fight will be more difficult then anything you have faced so far in the game.

You will require all the experience you can get. The path is straight forward.At the end of the road you will find Xesha. Prepare your best equipment and your spell.

Final Boss Fight
Xesha will attack you at close range and also shoot magic at you.The boss will also strike from above.To avoid being killed. You need to keep an eye on Xesha and always move unless you are attacking. Hit her the most with your bow. Xesha is quick and can attack in flurries. After dodging and attacking.

The battle is over and Congratulations. You have completed the game. Enjoy the ending.