Microsoft Shutting Down In-Game Advertising

While Microsoft has yet to confirm this report, a rumor has start flowing around that the in-game advertisement company acquired by Microsoft in 2006 is going to be shut down. There are various facts to prove that this might just not be a false rumor. Since 2006 Microsoft has been kept busy with Massive Inc by providing various companies with the option of advertising inside games. The company was purchased when in-game advertising was at its peak. Big name publishers like Activision and Electronic Arts had ties to the company.

However, recently it has been reported by sources close to the company that members of Massive Inc’s sales and technology team are gradually being reassigned to other projects. The word on the market is that Microsoft is on the lookout for a buyer to get Massive Inc off their hands.

With Xbox Live reaching more than 25 million users globally, Microsoft perhaps think that the dashboard is now a more efficient way to advertise. EA also recently decided to take its in-game advertising inhouse, which has resulted in Massive losing a large chunk of its revenue. If the rumors are true then Massive Inc will be shut down by the end of this month.