Why Gears Of War 3 Has Been Delayed?

Gears of War 3 was scheduled to be released on April of 2011. The game falls into one of the most anticipated games of next year’s list. The previous two titles were amazing if you just take out the part where Cliff decided not to release GoW2 for PC because the platform is plagued by piracy. A recent announcement however didn’t end up good with the fans when they were told the game has now been delayed by almost six months. The new release date is now Christmas season of 2011.

Cliff Bleszinski reacted to the negative outcry by reminding in a tweet:

Remember, a “delayed” game is only “late” until it ships. A bad game is shit forever.

Things became even more interesting when a supposed employ from Microsoft leaked out that the main reason the game is being delayed is because the game is just too buggy. His exact words were “too buggy to play”. On asking why this seemed to be the case Microsoft’s show floor representative’s informed us that the game-play mode was simply “too buggy” to offer an accurate representation of the game.
Cliff Bleszinski was none too pleased with the leak, and denied:

This is total horse shit, and whomever allegedly said it is going to get kicked in the balls by yours truly.