Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Scrolls Location Guide

You can get these scrolls scattered across Castlevania: Lords of Shadow to get hint and useful information about the story. No achievement but if you want to enjoy the game to the fullest then why not. Follow the guide below to locate every scroll in Castlevania Lords of Shadow.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Chapter#1

The Dead Bog

Scroll #1. Just near the first corpse at the start of the level, there is a second corpse with this scroll.

Scroll #2. You will find this scroll when you reach dry land with more bog towards north. Go up through the bog and you’ll see a corpse on the right containing a scroll.You can also grab health from the fountain on the left side. Continue north until you reach another camp, use goblin grenades to down a dead tree.

Scroll #3. Cross the tree and you will find another corpse with the scroll on the left.

Pan’s Temple

Scroll#1. Move on the straight path, and right after the second amulet, you will find a corpse with your first scroll.

Scroll#2. A corpse is lying open near massive tree trunk containing this scroll, get it while passing through.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Chapter#2

Enchanted Forest

Scroll#1. You will get this scroll right after the chapter starts in the corpse lying on the cliffs.

Scroll#2. After climbing up the rock with the waterfall, move on to find the second scroll.

Scroll#3. Right when you have retrieved the second scroll, you’ll see a large wall with a hook point on it. Climb up and hit the weak circular section to find another corpse containing a Focus Scroll.

Scroll#4. Right to the large tree stump you will find another corpse containing this scroll.

Underground Caves

Scroll#1. Go right from the room where you killed the second giant spider, keep going til you find a corpse containing this first scroll. Head back to the room and go left.

Scroll#2. Head left from the runic stone door and cross the spider web bridge. Leap across the gap to the left immediately after crossing the spider web bridge and continue till you find a corpse containing a scroll.

Scroll#3. Head left from the runic stone door and cross the spider web bridge and continue till you find another corpse with the scroll.

Labyrinth Entrance

Scroll#1. Near the door you need warthog to break through, there is a statue on the right, destroy it with your weapon to get the scroll.

Scroll#2. When you go over the first set of beams, you will find a corpse against the wall with this scroll.

Scroll#3. You will find another corpse beside the two statues under the waterfall. Just near the second one on the right.

Waterfalls of Agharta

Scroll#1. Right when the level starts, can’t miss it.

Scroll#2. There is a corpse to the left in the area where you fight second Lycanthrope. Loot it to get the scroll.


Scroll#1. When the level starts, go right and leap across the gap, using your chain to cover the full distance. You will find a corpse with the scroll when you land.

Scroll#2. Go left then down from the location of the first scroll to find another corpse with the scroll.

Scroll#3. After you have defeated the cave troll, go left to find a corpse with this scroll.

Dark Dungeon

Scroll#1. You will find a corpse with this scroll to the left of this big staircase.

Scroll#2. Go left where monoliths stand and continue to find a corpse in your path with this scroll.

Sanctuary Entrance

Scroll#1. When you are done with first group of Lycanthropes, move on to find a corpse lying right under a ledge you need to climb up.

Scroll#2. You will reach a room with the large pillar in the middle of it and a statue in front. There is a corpse behind that pillar hidden from the camera’s view with the hint scroll.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Chapter#3

The Three Towers

Scroll#1. When you make the leap from the high area to the low, you will find this corpse lying in your path.

Scroll#2. On the right part of the temple entrance, you will find a corpse, loot it to get this scroll.

Scroll#3. At the top of the tower where you found your first fairy. You can be find the corpse with this scroll next to a Neutral Element Fountain.

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