Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Light Gems Location Guide

Collecting all the light gems in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow will earn you “Light Collector” achievement. If you are up for a little challenge, check out the Light Gems location guide below.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Chapter# 2

Enchanted Forest

Light Magic Gem#1. After a long narrow set of steps, your path would divide, take the route to the right, and defeat some goblins on the way. You will a corpse just around the corner now with the life magic gem.

Underground Caves

Light Magic Gem#2. Right after you pass a giant dinosaur skeleton, you will see another gem. But, you will need Spiked Chain, to get the gem. You can back here later when you have the Spiked Chain.

Labyrinth Entrance

Light Magic Gem#3. When you go over the first set of beams, you will find a corpse against the wall. You can head down stairs from here, which are hidden to the right of the wooden bridge, which will lead you to a small room with dead Knight.

Waterfalls of Agharta

Light Magic Gem#4. After you have pulled the tree down with the spider’s silk, killing the spider will get you a Light Magic Gem.

Light Magic Gem#5. When you defeat the Cave Troll, you are given two choices, either to enter left cave or right cave. Go right until you find a large waterfall, now walk through it and find a corpse with the light magic gem.

Dark Dungeon

Light Magic Gem#6. You need to go to the other side of the waterfall while you are performing the grip activity. When you get to the last grip point don’t drop off, press attack button to push yourself backward and leap to grab a ledge on the other side of the waterfall. Continue till you are hanging from your chain against the wall. Now Swing to the left and make a leap of faith, and you will a corpse with a gem.

Sanctuary Entrance

Light Magic Gem#7. After you have secured the first crystal shard, take the path to the upper right of the screen. Use the chain grip point to climb up, and go toward the camera to find a corpse far front of the statue.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Chapter# 3

The Three Towers

Light Magic Gem#8. When you enter through the temple doors, you will find a corpse with the shadow gem in your path. From this location, look left to find a portion of the wall you can bring down using your chain. When you bring down that wall portion, climb the wall, and leap over the gap go find a corpse with light magic gem.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Chapter# 4

Mountain Fortress

Light Magic Gem#9.You will find this gem just over the second gap you will need a sprint-jump to clear, there is also chain grip point.Climb up here, wave right, and continue upward.

Light Magic Gem#10. When you have defeated the Ogre, you will come across a narrow hallway with a gap. At the end of the hallway, there is a pillar, use your Gauntlet punch to push back the pillar and a new path will open up. Keep moving on this new path until you reach another dead knight holding a light gem.

The Crow Witch

Light Magic Gem#11. Go up stairs, and just behind the giant crow’s head, you will find a corpse with light gem.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Chapter# 5

Abbey Catacombs

Light Magic Gem#12.Turn the courtyard clockwise just to open the portal, now go through the portal and you will find a fallen knight with a gem.

Abbey Library

Light Magic Gem#13. Walk the path straight when the level starts, and When you are given the option to either turn left or go straight, go straight to get this gem.

Light Magic Gem#14. In the library room with giant beam of light extended out of it. Follow the beam of light till it ends, see left and you will find a dead knight with a light gem.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Chapter# 6

Maze Gardens

Light Magic Gem#15. Go left from the start of the level till you find a brick wall that you can smash past using Shoulder Dash. On the other side of this wall is corpse with a light gem.

Castle Hall

Light Magic Gem#16. After playing through the Vampire Wargame, look for a corpse near the upper right corner of the board and loot it to get the gem.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Chapter# 7


Light Magic Gem#17. When you hang from the roof with your chain, you will see an open window. Drop down and enter to room with two corpses. One with the scroll and other carrying light magic gem.

Electric Laboratory


Light Magic Gem#18. In the second electricity room, punch the closest switch, and go left. You will find the corpse leaning against the wall.

Chromatic Observatory

Light Magic Gem#19. In the room with green and blue lenses, use both of these lenses to light up cyan lens which will activate animated armor. Once he moves, corpse that was under him will show up and you can grab the gem.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Chapter# 8

Outer Wall

Light Magic Gem#20. You will find a corpse hiding to the left in the final room of this level with the tower key slot.

The Clockwork Tower

Light Magic Gem#21. Walk along the two straight beams connected in the middle from the start of the level. When you have reached a platform on the opposite end, leap to the left, and you’ll land on another platform with a corpse.

Throne Room

Light Magic Gem#22. In the mid half of the stairs, just to the right.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Chapter# 9

Bones Forest

Light Magic Gem#23. Run to the back of the same portal you used to enter this level and you will find another corpse holding a light magic gem.

Woes Moor

Light Magic Gem#24. You will find a large wood barrier at the back of this level, you can break it apart using your spiked chain. A stairway will open, climb at the top of it, you will find another dead corpse with light gem.

Light Magic Gem#25. There is another wooden barrier in the same area which can be teared down using spiked chain. There is a corpse holding a light gem behind this barrier.

The Music Box

Light Magic Gem#26. Grab the green cylinder, and use it in the device to your right. Now, you should see a dead knight in front of you in the path that just opened. You can loot him but you will be killed, but if you time it right, the gem will be in your inventory before you die. So, you have to do exactly that, time it right to get the gem and reload the checkpoint.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Chapter# 10

Titan Graveyard

Light Magic Gem#27In the area where you fight two skeleton warriors, there is a fallen titan that you can climb.Climb it and drop down on the other side of the titan to find a corpse carrying a light gem.

Light Magic Gem#28. Once you have activated one of the two rune slots on the titan, it will raise its arm. Climb up and leap from his extended limb to reach the next area. There is a corpse partially visible right where you land, just clear the debris and you can loot this corpse to get the gem.

Fire Cemetery

Light Magic Gem#29. Go right from the first fork in the road. You will see a corpse on the other side of the gap, drop down and climb up the other side to get this gem.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Chapter# 11

Necromancer’s Abyss

Light Magic Gem#30. After you have defeated the first Necromancer, go inside the portal on the right. Now, in the next area use the portal on the left to grap the hook point, jump backward and you will land on the ledge with the corpse, loot it to get the gem.

“Light Collector” is your reward when you are done collecting all of these light gems. If you liked this guide, check out our rest of Castlevania Lords of Shadow Guides. Comment if any location is not precise and brief, or want to add something ? let us know.