Black Ops Now Gives You 21 Types Of Face Paints

With only one month to its release; Call of Duty 7: Black Ops; The designers of Black Ops are going all out with giving new features to players.
The main focus is to give players the option of personalizing and customizing their weapons and players.
So far you’ve heard of applying camouflages to your weapons and wearing ghillie suits on your sniper. Dan Bunting, the online director for Treyarch now gives you the unique option of face paint. Customize your character by applying war paint on his face. The face paint will not be for free, mind you.

There are a total of 21 face paints with each face paint costing 500 CoD points. Earn enough CoD points and you can buy the following face points from the online Black Ops Market.

  1. Clean
  2. Stalker
  3. Crom
  4. Highlander
  5. Sidewinder
  6. Mantis
  7. Militia
  8. Apache
  9. Sandman
  10. Zulu
  11. Blitz
  12. Commando
  13. Tundra
  14. Banshee
  15. Dutch
  16. Ranger
  17. Smoke
  18. ???
  19. ???
  20. ???
  21. ???

You can preview the face paints by going here: [Source]