Enslaved Odyssey to the West Tech Orbs Location Guide

So, we are in post apocalyptic World of Enslaved Odyssey to the West, we need weapons, upgrades, shields, and partners with good weaponry. All these things can be acquired by buying, but what’s the currency ? we had credits in StarCraft II, and we have Tech Orbs in Enslaved Odyssey to the West.

You will need an estimated 1212500 tech orbs, just to have all the Enslaved Odyssey to the West Upgrades, rest assured there are plenty of those scattered in the game. The game allows you to check your tech orbs collection progress from level select menu, and will notify you in percentage, how much percentage of total tech orbs in any given chapter, you have collected.

Since there are thousands of tech orbs scattered around and can be easily found in the game, so we will only cover those that are hidden or secret.

Enslaved Odyssey to the West Tech Orbs Guide

Chapter 1: The Escape Tech Orbs
There are no tech orbs in this chapter.

Chapter 2: The Lost City Tech Orbs
Escalators to the right of the starting area. Drop back down, face Trip’s back, and look to your left for some ledges to climb for another batch of Orbs. To the left again for more orbs behind the pillar.

When you get to the other side to lower the bridge, there is an orb beside a pillar. After moving the block, you will find an orb next to health pack. When you reach the open area, 2 Orbs will be to your left. You will also find the orbs in the same area behind the taxi and blockades.

After killing all the enemies and saving Trip, you will find orbs under the bridge you came through, and also in and out of cement pipes and metal crates. When you see off two Gunner Mech’s, drop behind the health pack for another area with Orbs. Now in the back of the tree, you will find 3 more.

After playing tag with Dragonfly Uncharted style, as you’re climbing branches, go inside the building to the right and 3 Orbs will be behind the door. When you reach the mine infested area, after going through a bus, go left instead of right for more Orbs.

After you kill the Invisible Mech, climb the truck to your left for tech Orbs.Go to sneak section and destroy them, get orbs. Do the sneaky part later. Go to the other side and you will find 2 Orbs to the right across some beams.

Drop down where the Sentry Turret is and go to the left instead for a health pack and a Orb. Another Orb between 2 pillars. Once you’re in the building behind the Turret, go inside instead of going up the pipe for 3 more Orbs.

Make your way across to the Gun Turret, turn left at the fork instead. 2-3 Orbs on each side during the Demolition Mech battle next to health packs. Make sure you do this during the battle, else you’ll go on to the next chapter.

Chapter 3: The Metal Tower Tech Orbs
When the chapter starts, look behind for orbs. Now go right into the building and make sure you go in all the rooms and climb up the ledge to a metal grating for more orbs. More orbs lying around on the side, two more orbs to the side where the Mech’s are.

In the open area, go to your left behind another blockade for an Orb. Go behind it down a corridor for a few more hidden orbs. After climbing up the ladder, go right you will find few more on the metal grated balcony.

After Trip hacks open the door, there are few behind big blue metal crate. Before you go and detach another Scout’s gun arm, climb the platforms to the left, going across the long pipe for more Orbs.

Before you climb the water tower to the Sentry Turret, there is a platform you can jump to via metal beams. When you’re jumping down floors and you obtain the Stun Blast, make sure you look around each floor for more orbs.

Chapter 4: Wherefore Art Thou? Tech Orbs
At the beginning of the chapter, search the area for the Orbs. Next at the first fork go left to get some Orbs and at the second Fork you need to go right to collect 3 Orbs.

After your fall on a neon sign, you will face a Gunner Mech. After dealing with it, you need to search top right corner for some ledges which will lead you to some Orbs.

Once you are done with the Dog and you have got Trip, search for a small room to the right of your location when you have got off form the crane. The room contains more Orbs.

Now before you drop down for the second time, there will be another room behind you containing some Orbs.

Once you are down, climb up the cement piles (blocks) to get some more Orbs. With the metal bridge, there is an Orb waiting for you.

While running away from the dog, you can find some more Orbs at your right side. While you are supposed to take out the Power cell and after you have dealt with the Gunner and Electro Mechs, you need to search the area for Orbs. You need to find hole from where you can reach the underneath of the bridge.

In the “Stage” area, you can collect some more Orbs around the buildings. While you are dealing with the Scaffolding, use the blue and green platforms to reach the second floor to get some more Orbs. You will have to lower the green platform again to reach the floor.

Chapter 5: The Crash Site Tech Orbs
There are some tricky Orbs to collect in this chapter. You need extensive searching to get to them. First search any big areas and make sure that you look around on your cloud. Common locations to find the Orbs are under the bridges and on the platforms.

Next after moving the crates you will find some more Orbs long with the mask. After climbing the bridge to the red metal gratings, climb to the left for more Orbs.

After you have reached the top of the bridge there are some easy Orbs to gather. You should also go back and look for the area where you and Trip got separated.

Some more orbs will be at your sides (Both left and right) when Trip is driving the vehicle. While facing the Dog, search your cloud for more Orbs.

Chapter 6: Village Approach Tech Orbs
There aren’t many locations that have Orbs in this chapter. At the beginning, search the area and you will find some Orbs with Ammo.

When you are about to lower the bridge for Trip, climb the bridge instead of lowering and then using the vine you can have an Orb and the mask.

Chapter 7: Finding Trip Tech Orbs
Go behind the red couch for some Orbs at the beginning of the chapter. While you are chasing “Tripitaka” after falling off the platform, you can find Orbs in between the buildings.

Once you have collected the orbs there, climb up the houses for more Orbs. Also search the area behind the red and blue house for more of them.

Before lifting up the gate for Trip, search the area for Orbs around the pole with flags and wires. You need to search each and every corner.

Achievement: Tech Collector
By now you most probably would have unlocked this achievement. If not then you might have missed some Orbs above. Don’t bother as further chapters have plenty more of them.

Chapter 8: Gaining Access Tech Orbs
You will find some Orbs in the area where you rescued Trip. You need to search for them. You will also find mask there. Obviously you should search it all before you meet Trip. Look the surrounding area of Windmill before you proceed. You can find more Orbs at the cliff side behind the rocks.

When you reach the First Windmill blade, jump down and get some Orbs and health.

Chapter 9: Waste Land Tech Orbs
There are some Orbs to collect at the start with a mask. When you reach the Cloud sections, you need extensive searching to find all the Orbs hidden in the perimeter.

After you leave your boat, use your cloud to reach the place form where you entered for some more Orbs. While navigating through the mining fields, get up to the Turret for some Orbs. One of them is hidden behind the arm of the machine.

In the nearby area of the Left hand Turret, search for some Orbs. Look the rock platform for more of them.

While you are being chased by the Dog, you will find some more Orbs along the water pathway. You most probably won’t be able to collect all of them at the first attempt. You can restart if you want.

Chapter 10: The Titan Factory Tech Orbs
Once you are in a room having all the gears and pipes, climb up the platform above Trip for some more Orbs. Go back to the place where you threw Trip for some Orbs and a mask.

Before turning at the corner after you have got off form the hydraulics, search for a ledge that can lead you to a pathway. You will find more Orbs there.

Chapter 11: The Old Battlefield Tech Orbs
Check out the ledges and corners after clearing up the enemy mess at the start. After you are out of the dark room, while running across the mechanical arms, there are some Orbs at the back of the screen.

Before messing up with the Rhino, search the area for Orbs. Another Dog chase after that and some more Orbs.

Chapter 12: The Dam Tech Orbs
You will find some Orbs on the walkways. You need to check each level. When you need to defend the submarine after swallows back his hurl. You will find some Orbs on the walkways. Again climb up the ledges for more Orbs.

Chapter 13: Grand Theft Tech Orbs
You will have to get back after you have destroyed the second Leviathan Leg. You can collect many Orbs on the walkways and Propellers. Make sure you get all of them.

Before getting on the lift with Pigsy, gather Orbs on the Propellers. When you’re dealing with the third Leviathan leg, jump down the gear to get a Orb. Before destroying the third leg, you can collect some more Orbs on the lower pathway.

Chapter 14: Pyramid Tech OrbsThere are not much tricky Orbs in this chapter. When the main cannon is fired for second time, look behind for some more Orbs.