The Taliban Has Been Removed From Medal Of Honor

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault brought out the love for WWII first person shooters when the game was introduced in 1999. The multiplayer was an instant success and was the start of the WWII shooting game regimes. After almost ten years EA has decided it’s time to give the Medal of Honor title a good make over. This is the first title to be made in the modern era.

The new Medal of Honor takes it’s inspiration from the afghan wars. The wars had the element of the Taliban and hence they had been introduced in the new MoH title by EA. Off course this brought out many controversies. In the start EA did well, they gave many justifications in their defense. It should be noted that the game’s aim is not to glorify the Taliban or encourage you to be one of them.

They are just a part of the game where you are given an option to be them and follow out missions involving the killing of American troops. People have a problem with that just because its Taliban killing American troops? Almost every first person shooter involves killing of American troops but this time there seems to be a problem by the illiterate, non-playing people with loads of time on their hands because it’s Taliban.

I don’t see them pulling out hate slogans when the Russians are killing their A-troops…

At the hands of the Taliban, children have lost fathers and wives have lost husbands. I am disgusted and angry.

Bravo, I don’t see them pulling out hate slogans for the games involving the Russians killing their troops…

Personally I would have had loved the Taliban factor, it would have brought a good taste to the game. I remember the days of CnC: Generals where you were given the option of GLA (Global Liberation Army).

It was a no brainer that they seemed a tad like the Talibans, even their music. They were a fun group to play with but apparently we wont get the same fun factor in MoH because EA has now decided to pull back.

The Taliban featuring in the multi-player will now be known as OpFor (Opposing Force). There has been an announcement that the artwork will not be changed, nor any of the in-game details.

The only change is the name, wow so now the Taliban factor has been removed. Here’s the official statement by Greg Goodrich, the executive producer of Medal of Honor.

In the past few months, we have received feedback from all over the world regarding the multiplayer portion of Medal of Honor. We’ve received notes from gamers, active military, and friends and family of servicemen and women currently deployed overseas. The majority of this feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. For this, the Medal of Honor team is deeply appreciative.

However, we have also received feedback from friends and families of fallen soldiers who have expressed concern over the inclusion of the Taliban in the multiplayer portion of our game. This is a very important voice to the Medal of Honor team. This is a voice that has earned the right to be listened to. It is a voice that we care deeply about. Because of this, and because the heartbeat of Medal of Honor has always resided in the reverence for American and Allied soldiers, we have decided to rename the opposing team in Medal of Honor multiplayer from Taliban to Opposing Force.

While this change should not directly affect gamers, as it does not fundamentally alter the gameplay, we are making this change for the men and women serving in the military and for the families of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice – this franchise will never willfully disrespect, intentionally or otherwise, your memory and service.

To all who serve – we appreciate you, we thank you, and we do not take you for granted. And to the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines currently serving overseas, stay safe and come home soon.

EA has greatly disappointed me. Their decision is screaming: “We will do anything so that you buy our game”