Medal Of Honor PC Beta Problem

This game really is testing EA, if the Taliban controversies were not enough they now had to face the wrath of their clients. The PC beta for Medal of Honor came online today (8AM GMT / 12AM PST) but it came online with a fever I guess. EA claims of the multiplayer to work soundlessly fell short of reaching its mark when players started facing severe connection issues. Players would often be kicked from servers, others would simply fail to connect to the servers and the game refuses to record statistics.

The developers at DICE issued a statement promising a quick fix.

We are currently aware of the Medal of Honor Open Beta connection issues and player drops, we are working as fast as possible to resolve this.
Please stick with us and we’ll get you in game as soon as possible.

The developers can’t help the issues people are having with the Steam client however, which is the fact that the beta has not been unlocked yet. EA and DICE are not in control of the Steam unlocking, so players can either wait for it to unlock or download the client from an alternative source.

No time span has been given by EA as to when we can expect the beta function properly again. With only a week to it’s launch, things aren’t looking good for EA.