How to Create StarCraft 2 Custom Units

StarCraft 2’s complex yet so simple map editor has something for everyone. You can start with very basic simple StarCraft 2 modding to a complex code heavy AI maps, and custom game types using the same tool, it’s that diverse and flexible.

If you had any doubts, you can refer to this guide to help you make your own Custom StarCraft 2 Unit.

Note. A custom unit can only be added to a custom Map or a custom Mod.

If you want to make your own Custom StarCraft 2 Map, you can refer to our StarCraft 2 Custom Map Guide.

Follow these simple steps to create your own StarCraft 2 Unit.

Step 1| Getting Started
Load your custom map from “File > Open > (select your map) “.
Now you have opened your map, From the “Modules” list select “Data” or use shortcut “F7”.

Step 2| Create Unit
Now in the Data editor Window you must have “data type: Unit” and “Data Source: All Data”, now choose any unit you want to modify like we are choosing “Thor”.

Step 3| Modify Unit
Now Right click anywhere in the Object Field and select “Add Object”.
An Object Properties window will open, complete all options like in the screenshot.

StarCraft 2 Map Editor Unit_2


  • Name it , (CustomThor)
  • Leave “Based On” at default setting.
  • Change Object family to “Unit”
  • In “Field Values” select Copy from “Thor” (In this case its Shamrock)
  • Click OK after completing it.

Try checking by searching for your unit in Units field of your map.
Now you have to give your Unit attributes of desired Unit (Thor in this case).

In “Data Editor” choose “Actors” data type and serach for the unit you want to customize (NOT YOUR CREATED ONE) like “Thor”. Right click on the unit and select “Duplicate Object”.

A window named Duplicate Objects will open. Check all the Check Boxes in the list and press OK.

StarCraft 2 Map Editor Unit_3

Now in the Objects List you will see “Thor Copy”, click it to highlight it and look at right side. Right click the name there and select “Modify Value” and search for your created Unit like “CustomThor” and select it.

StarCraft 2 Map Editor Unit_4

Step 4| Eye Candy
Now you have to decide how your Unit will look like. You must be under “Data Type : Actors”. Highlight your Copies Unit – Thor Copy – and look at the right side where you will find “Field” Heading under “Art”, expanding four different selections:

  • Art – Model
  • Art – Model (Build)
  • Art – Model (Placement)
  • Art – Model (Portrait)

All of these four should be assigned with the original unit. Right click on each one and select “Modify value” and select “Thor” so when you are done its must look like this:

StarCraft 2 Map Editor Unit_5

Step 5| Assign Weapons
Now you have to assign a weapon to your custom Unit. Click on Weapons Tab or select Weapons from Data Type and search for “Thor”. Now right click anywhere in the objects field and select “Add Object”. Add a name, choose race, in “field values” copy form the weapon you want to Modify, like we selected Thor – Thor’s Hammer.

StarCraft 2 Map Editor Unit_6

Now highlight your custom created weapon and look under “Fields” under “Stats” tab. Right click the “Period” slot and set a number something lower (It is actually the Period between attacks) and click OK.

StarCraft 2 Map Editor Unit_7

Step 6| Add Weapon Effects
To add effects to you weapon change data type to “Effects”.
Right click in the objects field and select Add a new object, which will pop a window,Give a name like CustomThor’sHammer, set ID to the name of the custom unit (CustomThor) , choose effect type as Damage and Race as Terran.

StarCraft 2 Map Editor Unit_8

Now under the “Fields” tab, do not change anything unless you know what you are doing. If you don’t know much then you just have to change “Combat – Amount” and “Effect – Kind”.

Kinds are the type of weapons, and you have to select it by your own. Amount refers to power of your weapon.

Now go in “Weapons” tab and select CustomThor’sHammer and in the “field” section change these two values to your customized weapon name (CustomThor’sHammer).

StarCraft 2 Map Editor Unit_9

Step 7| Equip Weapon
Go to “Unit” tab and look right where it says “Weapons” click on the value, a window will pop up and from the drop down lost select your customized weapon name (CustomThor’sHammer) and click OK.

StarCraft 2 Map Editor Unit_10

Now you have equipped your unit your very own weapon and in the same way you can equip other weapons to it, like Thor have another Thor’s Javelin Missile Launcher.

Step 8| Setting up Map
Now go back to your Map and select “Triggers” from “Modules”.

StarCraft 2 Map Editor Unit_11

In the window that pops up, highlight the only option you will see “Melee Initialization”. This will bring a couple of menu fields on right side. Just make one change Highlight “Set default melee options for all players” and delete/cut it.

StarCraft 2 Map Editor Unit_12

Step 9| Test it
Add some of your created units along with some others and Click on Green SC logo which says “Test Document” and watch your units get their hands on the default units!

StarCraft 2 Map Editor Unit_13

If you face any problem in creating your own custom StarCraft 2 unit, let us know, we will try to help you out.