How to Create StarCraft 2 Custom Map

There are tons of StarCraft 2 Maps already floating on the internet, but hey! nothing is more satisfiable than creating your own master piece. Even if it isn’t master piece, but it’s always nice to have something you can call your own.

StarCraft 2 Map Editor gives you with all the tools to create your very own StarCraft 2 Custom Map from scratch. If you had doubts before, read the guide below and get started.

Step 1| Set Up StarCraft 2 Map Editor
First of all you have to open SC 2 editor from the install folder of your game or from the Start Menu.

StarCraft 2 Map Editor has a simple GUI, there is a mini map on the left top, under this mini map some buttons are present which let you pick up terrain, units and other items like water, Foliage, etc…
Get use to these shortcuts which prove to be very helpful in making large projects:

  • Zoom in – Scroll up
  • Zoom out – Scroll down
  • Pan right/left – right click and Hold
  • Move up/down – hold Alt + right click

Note. For Mac users command button is used instead of CTRL.

Step 2| Create a Map
Now from the toolbar go in “File” and select “New”. Here you will have three drop down menus:

  • Document – selects between Map or Mod, Select “Map”
  • Dependencies – have three options: Melee, campaign, and custom, Select “Custom”
  • Texture – allows you to select texture and environment of your map, Select “Any”

When you select Custom in dependencies, a new window will pop up naming “Document Dependencies” where you can select Liberty.SC2Mod (single player) or Libertymulti.SC2 (multiplayer). Just click “cancel” at the moment.

StarCraft 2 Map Editor Map_2

Now you have to choose texture which could be of any type for example select Mara Sara (Wasteland).Below this drop down box you will see “Initial Texture” which allows you to select Terrain type for your map, for Mara Sara, you will have:

  • Dirt
  • Sand
  • Rocky
  • Dirt (cracked)
  • Dark Sand
  • Blackened Rock
  • Concrete

Select Any of these which you like, here you can also change in-map height as well as the height and width of map grid. We selected 120 x 120, click OK.

Step 3|Units on you Map
First of all you have to select “Terrain” from the drop down menu of “Modules”.
You can refer to our StarCraft Custom Unit Guide to create your very own custom StarCraft 2 Unit.

Press U or select Units from the above icon list and you will in the lower left many selectable units. Now place a unit on the map and assign Player 1 to it.

StarCraft 2 Map Editor Map_3

Assign AI to player 2 and add some units like before.

StarCraft 2 Map Editor Map_4

Step 4|Set Up Triggers
Select “Triggers from the “Modules” drop down list. You will see a new window opened having “Melee Initialization” on left side, click it once and menu at right side will be displayed, if you expand “Actions” there must be four options available.

Now this is complicated so you must not change anything if you don’t know what you are doing, just enable “Start the Melee AI for all computer players” and disable all other options and close the window.

StarCraft 2 Map Editor Map_5

Step 5| Modify Your Map
Now you have to add effects and build an appealing terrain of your map. Press “T” or select “Terrain – Mountain Icon” from icon list.

StarCraft 2 Map Editor Map_6

In the Units menu there are many kind of units besides Characters, like we added a Garage and a Statue.

StarCraft 2 Map Editor Map_7

Step 6| Test it
Now test your new map by clicking on the green SC button to launch game with your map playing in it.

If you face any other issue creating your custom StarCraft 2 Map, let us know we will try to help you out.