Call of Duty Black Ops Weapons Guide

Call of Duty: Black Ops is shaping well and like always, expectations are high for this upcoming installment of Call of Duty series. We have compiled a brief weapon guide so that you may have an idea about all the guns present in the game. Knowing the strength and weakness of a weapon can make a difference specially when it’s multiplayer.

Call of Duty Black Ops Primary Weapons

Primary Weapons feature various classes like Assault, SMG, LMG, Snipers and Shotguns. You can use different attachments with these weapons.

Assault Rifles
Assault rifles are useful for medium range shooting with precision and power. Some assault rifles have long range compromising damage while others are more powerful but aren’t that accurate. Following Assault rifles have been included in Black Ops:

1. M16
Famous for its 3 burst fire, M16 is a pretty popular weapon in FPS games. It is accurate with appreciable damage. Since it’s a heavy assault weapon, your agility will be compromised.

2. Enfield
It’s a fully automatic assault rifle with descent accuracy and damage.

3. M14
It’s a semi-automatic assault rifle with on burst fire. It is the same M14 for used in predecessors but this time it’s tweaked, and won’t be that accurate.

FAMAS can be effective for long range shooting. If you are using stopping power, one well placed shot can take down the enemy.

5. Ak-47
I don’t think that AK 47 needs any introduction. Can be regarded as the heart of assault rifles. Has impressive power at descent range.

6. AUG
Another assault rifle with impressive range accuracy and damage. The design of the weapon may appear awkward to you though.

7. FAL
It’s a semi-automatic single fire mode weapon with good damage and accuracy.

8. Commando
It’s another automatic assault rifle with average damage and impressive range. This weapon can be useful with red dot sight.

9. G11
This gun can be unlocked only when you have all other assault weapons. It has got a big magazine with 40 rounds and has a unique reloading mechanism.

Sub Machine Guns
Like rushing through the battlefield? pick SMG. These weapons are extremely lethal in short range fight while their effectiveness keep on decreasing with increased range. Black Ops features following SMG’s

1. MP5k
It’s the same weapon used in Modern Warfare 2 with small changes. The gun has got a special grip and less recoil.

2. Skorpion
It is one of the most commonly used SMG’s in shooting games along with Uzi. It is quite efficient at short range but its damage decreases rapidly with increasing range.

3. MAC11
It has less range than Scorpion but better damage and fire rate.

4. Ak 74U
This is the short version of Ak-47. This SMG is probably the best of among all as it is better than others when it comes to shooting slightly distant targets. Gun’s recoil can be a problem.

5. Uzi
It is also a famous SMG with impressive short range damage. Again it is not recommended in bigger maps where distant shooting is required.

6. Spectre
Spectre has got low recoil and it can be proved handy when used with Dual Mag.

7. MPL
MPL has got better accuracy and damage as compared to other similar SMG’s.

8. PM63
PM63 has got highest range among all other SMG’s with descent damage and accuracy. Can be used as an alternate to Ak74U.

Light Machine Guns
Since these weapons have got huge magazines, they can cause massive damage. But on the other hand, they are heavy which slows you down a lot and they take longer time to reload.They can be used for long range shooting. Black Ops feature following LMG’s:

1. HK21
The HK21 is a fully automatic light machine gun with low recoil, moderate rate of fire and a 30 round magazine.

2. RPK
It’s an automatic LMG with high recoil and slightly better damage than HK21.

3. M60
Damage of the gun is high but the fire rate is low. Accuracy and Range is parallel to other LMG’s

4. Death Machine (Care Package)
We don’t know much about this gun. It may contain some special feature.

Sniper Rifles
Prefer stealth killing? Snipers are there for you. One shot and there goes the target. Snipers are extremely dangerous at long range while they are extremely vulnerable at short range. They can provide cover to other classes. Black Ops Features following Sniper Rifles:

1. Dragunov
This time Dragunov is looking good with different scope and zooming ability. It is comparatively lighter than other sniper rifles which increase the mobility of the player.

2. WA2000
WA2000 has slightly lesser fire rate than the Dragunov. Its slow switching can cause trouble.

3. L96A1
It’s a bolt action sniper rifle with better accuracy. Since the gun has got high recoil, you can’t afford to miss the target many times.

4. PSG1
Semi-automatic rifle which can be used when all above rifles have been unlocked.

If snipers are one shot kill form distance, then Shotguns are one shot kills at short range. They are always fun to use. Black Ops feature following Shotguns:

1. Olympia
It’s a double-barreled, over-and-under shotgun. Can fire one shot at a time.

This one has got better fire rate. In Black Ops it is semi-automatic rather than Pump Action style.

3. Ithaca
It is almost similar to Olympia except for fire rate and slight range difference.

4. HS-10
Will be available after all other shotguns have been unlocked.

Call of Duty Black Ops Secondary Weapons

When you run out of primary weapon ammo, instead of reloading, switching to your secondary weapon is faster and hence a better option. Black Ops features following Secondary weapons.

Pistols can be useful for surprise shot range kills. If you are skillful enough, you can use them to take out targets at distant places.

1. M1911
Semi-automatic pistol with single fire mode. It’s attributes are similar to that of ASP.

2. ASP
It is the first pistol to be unlocked in multiplayer. It is similar in performance as M1.

3. Python
Python is a revolver with high damage and range. It can be regarded as the most dangerous sidearm.

4. Makarov
It’s another semi-automatic pistol with descent range and accuracy.

5. CZ75
A semi-automatic pistol with better range and accuracy.

You can blow things with them. Caution should be taken as their reckless use can harm you as well.

1. RPG-7
It’s same as in previous versions of the game. Has same range and accuracy as M72

2. M72 LAW
The major difference between this launcher and RPG is that M72 LAW has got vehicle Lock-on.

3. Strela-3
This can be used to target vehicles efficiently. It has high range and since it has a lock-on system, it won’t miss the target.

4. China Lake
It’s a pump action grenade launcher with average range and accuracy.

5. Grim Reaper (Care Package)
Can launch multiple launchers without and reloads. So it can be used to take down aircrafts and choppers quickly.

There are also some unusual weapons in Black Ops:

1. Ballistic knife
It’s a knife with detachable blade. Once you hit the target, you can reclaim your knife and use it on another enemy.

2. Crossbow
You can fire either normal bows or the explosive ones. Explosive bows will take some time before they explode.

These are the weapons which can be used tactically or massively to destroy the enemy:

Tactical Equipment

  • Jammer
  • Motion Sensor
  • Tactical Insertion
  • C4
  • Claymore


  • M67
  • Tomahawk
  • Semtek

Tactical Grenades

  • Nova Gas
  • Flash Bang
  • Willy Pete
  • Decoy
  • Concussion

Choose your favorite weapon class with secondary weapon and let’s start the discussion which one is better and why.