Call of Duty 7: Black Ops Multiplayer Details

With only one month to its release; Call of Duty 7: Black Ops has already set its roots firmly into the market. Personally it comes to me with no surprise, the Call of Duty franchise is now a gold mine and anyone who has enough funds to invest in it can milk off the Call of Duty name with each new title. However, even with that to an advantage it will be a big job for Treyarch to come with a new title after it’s predecessor; Modern Warfare 2. As you all remember, Modern Warfare 2 broke all records and practically destroyed the future of PC multiplayer. yes, Treyarch has pretty big shoes to fill.

Call of Duty 7: Black Ops is set to be released on the 9th of November on all platforms and consoles. Comparing it to Modern Warfare 2 it’s good to say that Treyarch has given all the necessary information and in a neat manner. Back with Mw2, it was a mess… literally. Let’s start reading on what this new COD title brings and if it will live up to the Call of Duty name.

1. Weapon Details:
Treyarch has officially announced the armory that all the players will be entitled to. [Weapons List] It’s good to see the game going old school and bringing in the guns that made fps what they are today. The assault rifles see to a nostalgic list containing Ak47, M14, Famas, M16, Aug and Galil. I didn’t see a Desert Eagle in the list of pistols which was sad. You cannot have a shooting game without an Ak47 and a Desert Eagle. The other tab containing your equipment, lethal and tactical list is not old school. You will be entitled to the latest in warfare including some items seen first time in the Call of Duty franchise. A smoke grenade that damages players when inhaled, and a gas grenade that slows down your movement and blurs your vision. Whatever happened to the simple flash?

2. The Black Market:
Treyarch introduced something new to this title which players will really love. We’ve all grown to the leveling system introduced by Call of Duty 4 which gave a new dimension to the future upcoming First Person Shooters. CoD7 now has a currency system tagged as CoD points. While you level up and complete achievements you will gain CoD points. With these points you can buy whatever weapons your current level has unlocked at the black market. If Treyarch is willing to go a step forward, they can always add a custom weapon build and trade options later on with a simple update.

3. Perks And Abilities:
Sad to say that the perk listing brings absolutely nothing new to the game. 80% of the perks are the original ones used in CoD4 while the rest are from the MW2 title with their names changed. This however, did get my attention: [Perks List]

Slot 1 will define what your multiplayer character looks like. For example, Ghost gives you a ghillie suit, but Flak Jacket adds extra armor.

4. Kill Streak Mayhem
You can get a reward for a maximum of 12 kill streak. Most of the rewards are also the same ones seen in CoD4 and specially in MW2. Here and there you’ll see some new ones which might excite you for some time. You’ll also be interested to know that you will have to buy your kill streak rewards from the market just like your weapons. And trust me its worth it, why? because you finally get to bring in a gunship, sit in it’s cockpit, control it and drop bombs like you were in Vietnam. Offcourse, that requries a whopping 6000 CoD points. [Kill Streak Lists]

5. Dedicated Servers (Thank You IW)
Let us now look at something that has been plaguing the PC multiplayer since IW got a brainstorm for their Modern Warfare 2 title. “The PC version of blah blah will have dedicated server support” This is what we get at the announcement of the game. “The PC version of blah blah will have dedicated server support, but the only way to host a dedicated server is by renting one from blah blahThis is what we get one month before the game is set to release. MW2 has paved the way to hearing Cha Ching! with rented dedicated servers. The same goes for Black Ops. No matter what Treyarch told you, in the end its a no dedicated servers for the PC players. Good luck to playing with a high ping…

The PC version of COD7 Black Ops will have dedicated server support, but the only way to host a dedicated server is by renting one from, as it’s the exclusive provider for the game. The partnership will provide high-quality servers at an affordable rate and of course effective anti-cheating moderation.

Ranked Servers allow players to earn XP and CoD Points, Unranked Servers on the other hand don’t, but they can be highly customized. Ranked Servers will cost $14.95 a month for an 18 player server and Unranked Servers will cost $0.99 a month per player. There are no setup fees and you can get discounts for a 3, 6 and 12 month prepay.

You get full 24/7 technical support with one of the largest networks around. You can also easily manage your server with their custom control panel. The billing period doesn’t start until the server is activated, so pre-order yours now!

There’s still a glimmer of hope thrown by Treyarch. They have promised to give the modding community the mod files so that they can develop a competitive mod for the actual “Players”. Yeah, if you think using a heart beat sensor makes you pro, go play MW2. But even if that happens, we still have to rent servers to play and host events. For people who live in other parts of the world, we have been screwed again.