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Dead Rising 2 Zombrex Posters Location Guide

We have already gone throw what is Zombrex and where you can find it in Dead Rising 2. Now we turn our attention to different Zombrex posters you find pasted on walls of Fortune City. There are total of 33 Zombrex posters that can be found in Fortune City, and if you spray paint all of them, you get the achievement “Improper Behaviour”. So, if you want to unlock that achievement, you got to find all of the Zombrex posters and spray paint them.

Where to Find the Spray Paint
You can find green spray paint in front of the maintenance room in the food court or in the entrance hall of the Fortune City arena. Green spray paints are easier to find and you can collect them quickly using Easy Item trick. You will need atleast 6 spray paints, “color doesn’t matter” to spray paint all of the Zombrex Posters found in Fortune City.

Easy Item Trick
Leave an area (so that the loading screen appears) that has the items you want to get more of, then enter the area again, and all objects will be re-spawned.

Dead Rising 2 Zombrex Posters Location Guide

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