Dead Rising 2 Guide to Survivors

You can rescue survivors in Dead Rising 2 for some important Prestige Points. You can also have Combo Cards on rescuing these survivors. They can be found at certain places in Fortune City. You can give them food to restore their health or you can give them guns for the defense purposes.

One thing you should keep in mind is that there will be no more calls till the timer for previous survivors have been expired.

Make sure you only pick those you received radio call for, if you don’t recognize having called to save them, you may want to re-consider saving them as they may be infected. Here is a list of survivors that can be found in Dead Rising 2. You can refer the Dead Rising 2 Map Guide to find the exact location of these survivors.

Note. Italic bold are the one’s you didn’t receive radio call for.


  • Denyce: As part of the first task to grab Zombrex.

Ted Boss

  • Snowflake: Head to the Yucatan Casino
  • Lashawndra: During the first mission.
  • Gordon
  • Doris: Lost
  • Chad
  • Esther: Short Sighted
  • Kenneth:Welcome to the family
  • Jack
  • Lenny:After taking care of Snowflake. In the Yucatan room.
  • Brittany: Workers Compensation
  • Stuart
  • kristin: Luscious Lady

Boss Leon: Meet the contestants

  • Kevin: Brains over brawn
  • Curtis
  • Brian
  • John
  • Trixie: Barn Burner
  • Elrod

Brandon Boss: Chuck the Role Mod

  • Vikki

Case 2

  • Jared: Once Bitten. You can give him Zombrex.
  • Sven: Code Blue gives Zombrex
  • Jasper: Tastes Like Chicken
  • Chef Antoine boss
  • Cinda

Case 3

  • Willa: An Industrial Fashion
  • Terri
  • Allen: rock heroes
  • Floyd: Can give you a combo card.
  • Jeanna
  • Erica: When you start the top floor of the Royal plaza.
  • Rosa
  • Bessie

Slappy boss: Everyone Knows Slappy

  • Linette
  • Janus: Outside Atlantica Casino. Can give $70 thousand bonus.

Randy boss: Here Comes the groom

  • Danni
  • Luz: Par for the course
  • Stuarts Scheme: Go bcak to the safehouse.
  • Crystal boss: The Source

Case 4

Carl boss: Mail Order Zombrex. It gives Zombrex

  • Jesica
  • Nevada
  • Jacob: In the Atlantica Casino: You will need $100,000.
  • Richard: Hunger Pains – gives zombrex
  • Nina: Fetching Females
  • Cora
  • Summer

Seymor Boss

  • Ray
  • Woodrow: Bank Run, Can give some cash.

Tape it or die Set:You can’t rescue them until Case 6.

  • Gretchen
  • Wallace
  • Johnny pipes
  • Left hand lance
  • Ante up: Win Arthur’s helmet in poker game
  • Europa: Slave to Fashion

Chemical dependency-Give zombrex to Survivor.

  • Randolph – Art Appreciation (get Katey gift painting)
  • Deetz Boss – Cinema roof – Jump up on the vending machine at cash gordons

Big Earl Boss

  • Johnny Boss – royal flush plaza roof boss – next to tinker box go up ladder.
  • Derrick – Boss atlantica roof head to the side passage next to the hot excitorama.


  • Bill – Know when to fold em (pay him $25,000)
  • Dean – Shell Shocked (slow mover without leadership mag)

Case 5

  • Alison – One Hit Wonder (make sure you wear Tuxedo and Black shoes)
  • Cameron
  • Juan
  • Bibi
  • Bent Wood – Give golf club to Luz get 50K
  • Tammy – Stranded Siren (needs to be carried)
  • Bent Wood – Give golf club to Luz get 50K
  • Tammy – Stranded Siren (needs to be carried)
  • Andy – Dead or Alive
  • Walter – Twos Company
  • Royce -Give trophy to Royce
  • Sven (Safehouse) – Zombrex item for Whiskey or vodka
  • Roger Boss – World’s Most Dangerous Trick
  • Reed Boss


  • Lillian – Family Feud
  • Camille
  • Fortune City Botany Club – Get plant from gallery.

Case 6

Tape it or Die

  • Jonny Pipes
  • Wallance
  • Left Hand Lance
  • Gretchen – You’ll get two combo cards for saving all four members.

SGT Boykin boss

  • Rebecca
  • Matthew – Make sure you drop all guns before approaching them.
  • Michael

Case 7

  • Pierce Boss
  • Mark Boss

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