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How to Install PSGroove in Android Phones (HTC Google Nexus One)

Kakaroto PSFreedom guys released another working PSGroove port for Android, This is a short guide on how to get PSGroove working on HTC, Google Nexus One and other Android Phones, which are among those supported by PSFreedom.

What You Need

  • Download this archive which should have 3 files in it
  • Rooted Nexus One with bootloader unlocked
  • Android SDK

How to Install PSGroove on your Android

Step 1
Place “psfreedom.ko” file (which is included in the archive ) in the root of your memory card and put “boot.img” file in the directory where your Android SDK tools are installed.
Restart your phone into fastboot mode by holding down the Trackball during power up. Using a command prompt or from a shell window type :

fastboot boot boot.img

Step 2
After the phone has been booted, open up terminal emulator and type:


Now go to your Memory card (/sdcard) and run “isnmod psfreedom.ko”.

Step 3
Now connect your Nexus One phone to your PS3 and turn the console OFF completely and then follow this PS Jailbreak guide – Power On, push Power and then quickly push eject.

Note. You will not see anything on the Phone.

To verify that it worked, go to the games menu and check for “Install Package Files”.

Be sure to check the compatibility of your android phones from this list, before applying this method.