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How to Play Civilization V Mods

Most interesting part of PC games comes in modding the game to your liking and Civilization V delivers it to perfection by having in-game mod menu and online mod hub, which can be accessed while in game. You can install the Civilization V mod you like right from within the game and activate it to play it. Once activated, you can load it anytime you want to play that particular mod.


  • Click “Browse” to enter the mod browser.
  • Click on the “Online” tab to show the mod hub.
  • Find the mod you want to download and click the download button.
  • When the download is finished, click on install tab to install the mod.
  • Once installed, find the mod and click the activate button so that it becomes a green tick.
  • Click the “Back” button and then click on “Singleplayer” from the mods menu.
  • Depending on the mod you will have to either click “Setup Game” or if the mod has a custom setup screen defined then click “Custom Setup”.
  • Tweak the game settings and play your favorite mod.

You can activate all sorts of combination to work along, as in a new civilization mod, a map pack and a new unit mod. But, beware of the crashes and mod combination corruptions which can result in, as currently the mod dependencies and exceptions have not yet been activated but soon.