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Sid Meier’s Civilization V Preview

The fifth installment in the Civilization series is not just a sequel. Big changes are announced like one unit per tile modified city defense,capture rules, new hex based engine, lack of religion,and spies and an overhauled resource management system.

Civilization 5 is a total beast of play with war mongering, going for the space race, cultural wins,even the more peaceful diplomatic route. The new engine absolutely looks beautiful and the sound effects are excellent.

The one unit per tile system brings a whole new level of strategy and tactics to the series and has not been seen before. Ranged units have strengths but they lack to survive without their  melee counterparts.

The new hex system is a great achievement as it allows two moves per turn available. Helicopters, ships and mounted vehicles have even more turns.
Limited resource system restricts the players to use the resources carefully.

If a player lacks a certain resource then it would be difficult to create units which require that particular resource.
City states is a fun addition.They are easy to manipulate the target without the fear of a major war. Unique leader traits is also a new addition to the series whose job is to make each side feel different and unique.

The new city capture and defense system really works well as if the city  has defensive buildings and walls so its defensive value increases and is hard to breech.It doesn’t feel overpowered at all, a strong force can wipe out the city and its defenders.

Long story short, Civilization V is a fantastic game with many new options and modes that will keep players entertained with endless hours of gameplay.