Dead Rising 2:Case Zero Unlock Alternate Endings

If you have played Dead Rising 2: Case Zero ? you may know by now there is more than one ending to this DLC/Demo hybrid. How to unlock these alternate endings ? read below.

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Alternate Endings

Ending A
You must save all the survivors and collect all the bike parts. Give zombrex to Katey and leave.

Ending B
You must collect all the bike parts and give the zombrex to Katey before leaving.

Ending C
Give Katey the zombrex, build the bike but don’t get on it. Let the time run out.

Ending D
Give Katey the zombrex and don’t build the bike. Let time run out.

Ending F
Don’t give Katey the zombrex while outside the safehouse.

Ending F (2)
Forget to give Katey zombrex while inside the safehouse.

Have Fun!