Halo Reach Bugs, Errors, Glitches and Exploits

Halo Reach as any blockbuster title faced few minor/major issues on its launch, few errors, bugs, and rather weird glitches. Although, Xbox 360 Slim owners will have a different opinion about the game altogether, but overall the game was fine. Still, if you are facing any error, bug, or glitch you can refer to the guide below.

Halo Reach Troubleshooting Guide

1# Halo Reach Framerates Fix
If you are facing stuttering and poor framerates in certain areas of the game, it may be due to game being installed on your Hard drive. Uninstall the game from HD to fix the framerate issues.

The game will load slightly slow from the DVD but it will run smooth. If you are facing the same issue running the game via DVD, run it from HD and see if it helps.

It’s an issue in the game, irrelevant from wherever you run the game, it will happen in certain cut scenes and when too much action is going on, framerate will drop but it doesn’t happen consistently which is the only plus point now.

2# Halo Reach Disc Read Error
Microsoft has officially come out to announce that you need to contact Microsoft Support if any of you is experiencing Halo Reach disc read error, they will assist you in troubleshooting the problem. Or you can download Halo Reach to your hard drive for it to work, simple.

3# FPS Drops, Cutscenes, Texture Streaming Issues
You may experience any of these during certain cutscenes, action sequences, as when lot is going on, sometimes textures might pop-in but that’s that.

That would most probably happen during your campaign, and its a game software issue, nothing related to your hardware. Only a patch would fix these fps drops, cutscenes, or texture streaming issues.

4# Can’t Redeem Halo Reach Code ?
Microsoft online servers were busy at the time of launch, as millions were bombarding the servers with all sorts of stuff.

It was the issue back then most probably solved by now but if you are still among unlucky few who haven’t got their code redeemed yet, you can enter it via dashboard, via Xbox 360, or marketplace. Try all three methods and see if it helps or wait.

5# How to Open the Limited Journal
There is a magnetic flap on the front that you have to lift to open it.

6# Co Op Online Doesn’t work on Xbox 360 Slim ?
Halo Reach won’t work on old Arcade Xbox and Xbox 360 Slim, the consoles with internal flash, not actual Hard Drive.

You need Xbox 360 Hard drive for it to work, nothing else will cut it. Further more Xbox 360 Slim may not be able to download future map packs. It is not something Microsoft ain’t aware and also not Halo Reach specific issue, its just the Slim.

7# Failed to Write Error
When you insert your Halo Reach disc in your console, it gives error “Failed to Write”. If you are experiencing this error, make sure its the original game you are playing, if it isn’t pirated version of the game, you can try this workaround.

Clear cache, delete NXE update and re-download, then delete profile, and re-download your profile. If it still doesn’t work, replace the disc from wherever you bought it.

8# Invasion Glitch
If you started playing Invasion Slayer as an Elite, female character. When you will start another regular Invasion, your character gender may change to male. This is a glitch and a bug at the same time. No Fix yet.

9# Error Downloading Recon Armor ?
You redeem the code in Xbox Live Marketplace, downloading starts but get stuck at 1%, with error Downloading message. After you hit continue, it shows the message all the points and codes used for this offer have been deducted.

OK! it happens all the time you know, go to
Account Management>Download History, and re-download.

10# Carter Avatar Hammer Award Glitch
Completed a level on legendary yet the helmet didn’t unlock ? Glitch Glitch. Try beating another level on legendary, and see if you get it this time.

11# Halo Reach Portforwarding Guide
You can read Opening NAT For Dummies guide by Da Master Chief on Bungie forums to pimp out your Xbox 360 for Halo Reach.

12# How to Redeem a Code?
In case you don’t know it. Press the guide button on the controller and go all the way to the left and you’ll see a redeem code option. Redeem your promotional code there to get your favorite goodies.

13# Setup Your Television For Ultimate Halo Reach Experience
You need to set your Xbox 360’s output resolution to the native resolution of your television and enable “Game Mode” on your television if it has it, that would do. It will reduce the input lag, if you aren’t familiar with the term, don’t bother.

If you are wondering, its the time it takes for Xbox 360 to synchronize with the image processing native to your TV resolution. Takes more time, if Halo Reach resolution is different from your TV’s native resolution, if both are same, lesser time meaning no input lag.

14# Halo Reach Crashing and Freezing Randomly
Check your disk and see for part on it which is discolored, if you have found it, you already know you need to replace the disc.

15# Halo Reach Data Pad Glitch
If you are playing through the campaign on Normal Difficulty and found a Data Pad, take a Plasma Repeater and go Crouch. Press X to read the data pad, and the Plasma Repeater will fire all rounds whilst the data pad text is on screen. Nothing fancy some bug in game or random glitch, call it whatever you like.

If you find any more glitches or bugs, you know you got to share it with us.