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Halo Reach Multiplayer Maps Guide

Halo Reach multiplayer provides one of the finest competitive experiences of any game that has been released on consoles. Yeah! PC owns, OK, enough.

If you have finished Halo Reach Campaign, and going to enter in multiplayer battles online, you may want to read “Halo Reach Beginners Guide” and “Halo Reach Weapons Guide“.

Also it would be an added bonus if you have an idea about all the multiplayer maps, for the very reason, you are here.

Halo Reach Multiplayer Maps

  • Asylum
  • Boardwalk
  • Boneyard
  • Countdown
  • Hemmorrhage
  • Paradiso
  • Pinnacle
  • Powerhouse
  • Reflection
  • Spire
  • Sword Base
  • The Cage
  • Zealot

Halo Reach Map: Boneyard
It is one of the biggest maps in Halo: Reach. There are some basic strategies that you should adopt when playing in large maps like Boneyard:

  • Try using long range weapons specially the snipers. You can find some good sniping spots in this map.
  • Your sniping spot should be such that you can view the maximum area of battlefield from that location. Once such location is the conveyor belt above the junkyard.
  • Moving out in the open in big maps is not a good idea, so move through the building where your ass can be covered maximally.
  • If you can get your hands on the Plasma Launcher in the Stern Scaffolds, it will be great and you can take out some enemies easily.
  • Again, try being the part of the battle wave, if you are away form it, you won’t get more kills and sometimes you may find yourself on your own.
  • You can use the hologram ability to spot your rival snipers.

Halo Reach Map: Powerhouse
There are a lot of buildings and walkways in this map. It’s an average length map so you can experiment different weapons here.

  • Its always a good idea to have to use Jet Pack ability to have a bird’s eye view of the situation and enemy’s location.
  • You need to be cautious as people on the upper levels of the map can cause trouble.
  • The big rock at the corner of the map can provide you nice cover.
  • Otherwise you can also use the central building in the map for cover. This building is usually used to get to the other sides of the maps without being seen. If your cover is blow here, you still can get some kills using your shotgun.
  • As a general precaution, you should clear the area or building first with a grenade before you get into that structure or building. Drawing enemy’s fire with a Hologram can also be a good idea.

Halo Reach Map: Asylum
This map is more or less a balanced map and is an updated version of old “Sanctuary”.

  • There are 2 bases in the map with one sniper and a turret on each side. There is building in the center of the map containing the sword gun. There are tunnels that connect the two bases and can be used to flank the enemies.
  • Now the central and the focal point of the map is that building containing the Sword gun. Most probably both the teams will rush towards it to have it first. Here you should be careful that you are neither too hasty not too slow to get to it. One common strategy is that one should sprint to it straight while the other (with armor) should provide some cover.
  • You should take care of the tunnels because if enemy enters your area through them, you will suffer a Great damage.
  • Snipers can prove crucial in this map as they can take out the rushers and the intruders in your area.
  • There are many spots to take cover behind the rocks. You can use them to ambush your opponent.
  • Camping is the central building without the sword gun is not a good idea as you can be spotted by enemy from the windows.
  • If your opposition is hasty to get to your area and take you out, you either can flank them from the tunnels or ambush them in your own region.

Halo Reach Map: Spire
It’s a big map and you can use the same strategy as in Boneyard i.e. a Sniper with your ass covered. But you can also get straight into the battle and take part in short range battle taking place above the Spire.

  • Most of the battle is centered in the area above Spire. You can reach here by using Man Cannon. Here you can use the DMR and Shotgun to take out enemies. Try getting to this location first before your enemies. Once you have gotten hold to the position you can use it to kill others trying to reach here. Jetpack ability can rescue you if you are overpowered by the enemies.
  • Heavy weaponry is important especially when you want to take down the enemy vehicles. It would be great if you can crouch yourself in the enemy base where they are spawning into vehicles. You can take them out before they can harm you. OR you can hijack them to use them for your own benefit.
  • Get to the higher levels of the rocks using Jetpack ability for better sniping spots.

Halo Reach Map: The Cage
There is only one gravity lift in this map which obviously becomes the focal point of the map. There is a central area where most of the battle takes place while there are some walkways and a tower for sniping.

  • You can easily be flanked by the lift. So you need to do something about it. You can hide near the lift so that you can take down the enemies coming from the lift. You will be vulnerable from the back so it is a 2 man’s job atleast.
  • You can use sniper for spawn killing. You will have to get to the upper level at the central region to have a good view of the spawn point.
  • This map is can be a test of your patience so be patient and always think before you act or you can be an easy target for the opponents.

Halo Reach Map: Hemorrhage
This map the modified version of old “Blood Gulch”. There are two identical bases with a lot of vehicles. There is also a cave system on both sides.

  • Plasma Launchers and vehicle control is vital in this map.
  • Use a vehicle with a Plasma Launcher to reach the central point quickly and have some quick kills.
  • You can also snipe your enemy at their spawn if you can get hold of a good position after getting out of the cave system. You can find snipers at the rooftops.
  • You can use teleporters to reach the opposite side. Don’t use it hastily as you can also find yourself surrounded by enemies.
  • You can also camp near the teleporters so that you can take out enemies before they can get hold of themselves.

Halo Reach Map: Countdown
There is a courtyard with trees and some rocks and balconies you can use for cover and sniping.

  • You can find launchers in the underground area of the map.
  • You should stay away from the courtyard as much as you can or you will be easily spotted by the snipers form the balconies and the rocks.
  • If you are of sniper type, find the sniper asap and get to the cover like the balconies to take the enemies out.
  • Don’t linger too much around in the open to look into the courtyard or you might be spotted easily by the opponent.
  • You can use the visitor centre for as sniping place but also can easily be pinned by the enemy at this location.

We will be updating this article as soon as we have found enough useful information about Halo Reach maps, till then you can wait.