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Halo Reach Walkthrough

Been enjoying Halo Reach ? if you get stuck somewhere somehow and need help, you can refer to Halo Reach Campaign Walkthrough Video Guide we posted earlier, the text version can be read below.

Halo Reach Campaign Walkthrough Guide

Mission 1 (Noble Actual)
Nothing much in the first mission. Just an initial cutscene to lay down the foundation.

Mission 2 (The Contingency)
After the cutscene is over, just like many other games, you will be made to get use of the controls, more like get to know the game. It is the easy part and can be easier if you have played previous versions of Halo.

After the controls adjustment, you will have to move with your teammates in chopper like birds to the allocated point. Once you have reached the designated place, head to the the buildings nearby. Here you will meet Kat. After meeting with Kat keep on heading west and then to the south.

On your way, you will also meet some refugees. You don’t need to shoot them. Head to the next building and you will face your first gunfight. Killing all of them should not be a difficult task. Either you can kill them through the building or you can move ahead to the stairs to take them down.

You can also use the fuel tank placed nearby. After getting rid of them, keep on move in. Across the river you will finally find a vehicle. You can use it or you can sprint to your next location. Choice is yours. After you reach the next position, you will be facing the Covenant again. You will have to clear a building with enemies.

Take any medic packs found in the building. Now head to the southwest direction and reach the top of the buildings and then head into it. Gather weapons and ammo as you are going to face another group of enemies.

You will have to engage them till the Evacuation. Once the rescue arrives, you will head to a location where you will see Kat again. After the description, you will head to the outpost where you will have to wipe out more enemies. Don’t be reckless here and kill them wisely. You will have to resist till Kat says that she is ready. Once she signals, you will have to reach her and then the door will be closed once everybody is in.

Now turn on your night vision. You need to tale down a Zealot now. Once you have taken it down, make sure that you grab its sword. After that you will have to take another enemy down. Now after activating the box, you can head back to your team to finish the mission.

Mission 3 (Oni:Sword Base)
After leaving the ship, head to the with your teammates. Here you need to take down the enemies which will appear in your perimeter. Now there is a ramp east to your location where you can gather Target Locator and Look Up Ability.

Now you will test fire your Target Locator on enemy vehicles. After destroying the tanks, clean up the remaining mess , After that you can either go “east” or you can head “west.” Both the paths are equally competitive so you can choose any of them.

Now after the enemies spawn at the location, head to the building and activate the button at the roof. Grab any you find in the building. After killing all of them, you need to head to another post to the east of your location. After taking down the enemy soldiers around, you need to power up 2 generators in the buildings .

If you like, you can grab a sniper in between the two large buildings. Gather any health or any other ability in the buildings where you need to activate the generators.

Once you have activated the generators, head to the base using the vehicle. Take down any enemies you encounter during your journey. Now you need to take down two hunters. You will face them when you follow Kat’s money man into the base. You will have to shoot them hard to take them down. After killing them, head to the elevator.

Now when you will head south, you will have to kill some enemies along your way. Then you will meet up with some more soldiers. Once you have cleared the lobby, head to the roof top. Head to the east and search for a rocket launcher. Use this launcher to destroy the Phantom and Banshees.That will be end of the chapter as no further action is involved.

Mission 4 (Nightfall)
In the beginning you will have to kill an elite and some grunts on your way. There will be some covenant soldiers ahead and they will by much easy to kill. Now you will confront 2 big animals.

At first you may think that you won’t be able to go ahead without killing them, but actually you can avoid them too. So either after killing them or avoiding, head to a a station where you will help some civilians to clear the perimeter.

You will also gather a pretty handy ability at this place named as the “Drop Shield”. After the second wave of the enemies, head to the hydro plants with the civilians.

You will need to plant explosives charge on the covenant defense system. After that you need to defend “Jun” till he successfully plant the charge. Now head southeast and you will pass through 2 big entrances. Soon you will have to take down 2 turrets.

One can be taken out from the back while for the second one, you can toss a grenade to blow it up. After covering some distance, there will be a cutscene concluding the mission.

Mission 5 (Tip of the Spear)
During the initial stages, you will encounter heavy waves of enemies . You need to take them out carefully. Don’t be reckless and try covering your ass. Next you need to secure LZ. Once you have secured the area, you need to destroy an anti-aircraft gun. Head to its location and destroy its core either by your grenade or gun.

After you have taken down the gun, head to your path in the vehicle. You will face enemy Phantom and Wraith along the way. You can use the launchers of your vehicle to take them out.

Next, you will reach a mining facility where you will have to shoot some grunts and Jackals. Once you have taken them down, you need to take down a plasma cannon turret on the other far side.

Just shoot the tank beside to blow it up. You can grab the cannon after you have blown the turret away. Next is a Zealot you need to take down about which you were warned earlier. Take it down and head to the next platform.

Don’t forget to grab the health pack in the nearby room at your left. Once you have gained one of the Ghosts, you need to take down another anti-aircraft gun. This time you need to take down 2 hunters before you can blow up the gun using the same method you used earlier.

Once you have cleared the area, your pick up will arrive. Time to shoot them all. You will have the control of one of ship’s guns. It’s easy and it will be fun. After landing, make sure that you grab jetpack to your right. Now head to the spire and after taking down the guarding turrets, use the the pipe system to your right to reach the upper level of the Spire (You will need to use your Jetpack).

Reach the top of the structure and remove the shield. You will also encounter some enemies before switching off the shield. Your skills may be tested here as it will be open space and you will have nowhere to hide and it will be more or less head on shooting. Then the cutscene will begin to conclude the mission.

Mission 6 (Long Night of Solace)
After landing, you need to clean your hands on some enemies lurking around. By now this encounter should not be any problem for you. Then keep on moving.

After passing through the rooms with dead bodies and then enter a “Sabre”. Now since you have heavy weapons, some “Banshees” will pop up. You take them down easily using the cannons. But don’t be over excited pr you may crash with them or the other ships.

After you have taken them down, you will have to take down Seraphs. Use cannons to destroy the shields firsts and then the Seraphs. The action is not over yet as now you will have to take down the Phantoms the will appear after the Seraphs.

Take them out with the help of Launchers. Head to the dock and the cutscene will play. After the cutscene, its a test of your driving, You need to take down covenant Corvette with some Seraphs. You can get rid of the Corvette by taking out the 4 engines. After you are out of your ship, take down all the enemies that are in your way and then activate the switch for Jorge to enter.

A cutscene will play. After that, head to the bridge and to the Savannah. You will have to kill a bunch of enemies there. After the area is clear, you need set the refueling sequence. A corvette will appear. Head back and now you need to protect the “Pelican” and the “Bomb”.

You can use the Armor ability at the back of the Pelican to protect yourself. Hang on till Jorge’s call. That will be your final move and the mission will end here.

Mission 7 (Exodus)
With a pistol in you hand, follow your pathway. You will face some light enemy resistance including some jackals and suicide grunts. You will ultimately end up in a big room. Now if you move on, you will end up in an area with brutes.

You are on a rescue mission now as you need to escort some of the civilians. So take down the enemies and make sure that you don’t kill any of the civilians during your combat. Head to the elevator and more brutes will be waiting for you on your way. Keep on defending the civilians till the elevator arrives.

Once you are out, you will have to take some Banshees flying around. It’s not the right time to engage with them, so avoid them and head to the platforms on the other side. You will have to use jetpack to reach the other side. You can have this jetpack on the right side (rickety walkway).

On following your path further, you will encounter some brutes, take them down. Keep on moving ahead and you will findally end up in an area crowded with more enemies. Clear the area and to the tower again. Now you need to clear the LZ and it ain’t be any easy. If you are a hasty shooter, you most probably will die atleast for pence.

So some patience is required at the place. Then you need to take out 2 turrets. You have already done that, so this time it should be any difficult for you. Head to the LZ and your pick up will be waiting for you there.

Some more shooting practice on the Falcon. After landing, use the vehicle nearby and follow your path. You need to be quick to reach to the missile battery. You will face some resistance along your journey. Take out the guard and activate it.

Now activate the next battery. After both the batteries have been activated, head to the missiles location to activate them. The witch is in the building. Once you have activated it, your job is done for this mission.

Mission 8 (New Alexendria)
You need to fly the Falcon this time. Once you are used to the controls, head North and take down some Banshees. Head to the hospital and land at the door.

After clearing some enemies head inside the hospital. A couple of floors down, you need to activate the jammer. Obviously, reaching to the hammer won’t be easy and you will have to face enemy resistance. Once you have activated the switch, head back to your bird following the same pathway you came from.

Now take the Falcon to the next location where you need to activate another jammer. You will have to take down some Banshees as well as some Jackals on your way. Beware of the AA guns that will firing at you. Things are going to be difficult after you land this time.

You will have to confront 4 hunters at a time. If you are quick enough, you can run for the jammer and come back quickly avoiding the hunters. So “Fight or Flight” is up to you. You are not done yet as you need to activate another jammer. Head to the Sinoviet tower and like before enter the building after you have cleared the area.

Nothing special for a long time except for an idiotic marine with a gun to his own head. Ignore it and head to the jammer switch. Activate the witch and prepare to head back.

Now you are needed at your base as your base will be overpowered by the Covenant forces. Clear the area and land which ultimately will lead to a cutscene. That will end the mission.

Mission 9 (The package)
Your first move at the beginning will be to take out the enemy Anti-aircraft guns. Along your way, you will have to take out some turrets. First 2 should be taken out quickly to clear the area completely. Then you can destroy the nest using the tank you will find on the way.

You will shortly confront the first AA gun. Shut it down using the same procedure you used earlier. Then head to the next one and repeat the procedure.

Now as you head North, you will face different resistance including the enemy heavy units and the small ones. You should target the larger units first as they can cause serious damage to your tank while the other small units can’t damage your tank so you should be tactical while shooting.

Now you have a long distance to cover till you reach a hallway having an A.I. You will have to come through the hallway and the security office to reach this location. The A.I will guide you to your next location. Here you can refill yourself with ammo and health and change your armor abilities. You will face little resistance of Elites and then you proceed as prescribed.

After you leave the lift, you are going to set up a defense system across the boundary of the lab. For that you will have to activate all 4 of the turrets.
By now you may know that a tough battle is coming. There will be waves after waves of enemies. You need to keep the turrets alive by activating them again and again after they are shut down by the enemies.

You will have to take precautions for this battle. After the heavy war, lab doors will open and obviously you need to enter them. Once you enter, you are done with the mission and a cutscene will play concluding the mission.

Mission 10 (Pillar of Autumn)
You will reach a cliff after some walk, and under the cliff, there will be some gruts with a Zealot. You either can perform an assassination on the Zealot and take care of the rest or if you find it difficult, then you can simply kill them one by one.

Keep on moving with your mates till you confront with a large covenant resistance. What else you your objective be except of killing them all. After clearing all the resistance, there will be a cutscene at the appearance of Scarab. Now head through the canyons to the exit. You will have the chance to change your ability along the way. You can skip the attack of drones and jackals by sprinting through them.

Now after exiting the canyons, you will see a large scale battle beneath you. Head to the next area through the opening. From now on, enemy won’t stop appearing. All sorts of units like Elites grunts and ghosts will attack you violently.

After clearing the area, head to through the corridor to the lower level. Here you will be guided about the dock. As you move on you will face more and more enemies including 2 hunters. After you have taken down the hunters, you will enter the next building through the door. This building contains more enemies, take the plasma sword an pawn them all.

After you have cleared the area, you will eventually reach outside. Here you will be told about the situation and you now need to clear the zone for the arrival of Pelican. More resistance. Try grabbing a Gravity hammer or Plasma sword or both will be perfect to facilitate you in the encounter.

Once the Pelcian arrives (after the cutscene),0 head to the MAC cannon and activate it. This won’t be easy as you will more enemy resistance. You can use the health packs in the rooms if needed. Taking down MAC cannon won’t be easy as you will also face some Banshees and Phantoms.

Wait for the large red circle will appear, which is an indication that the target is in range, and have an accurate shot to the target. The cutscene will play and the games is at its ending.

Mission 11 (Lone Wolf)
There is a strange ending.. No matter how much you try, you will have to die eventually and once you are dead, the game is over.