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Halo Reach UNSC/Covenant Weapons Guide

Halo series its return in Halo Reach with new and old weapons but, the new addition to the weapon armory is simply awesome. Most of the classic weapons from Halo series are tweaked and you no longer have the ability to dual wield any weapon.
Read below Halo Reach Weapon Guide, for all the damage one can do, and few notes that one should keep in mind while using these weapons.

Halo Reach UNSC Humans Weapons

M6G PDWS Magnum
The Magnum is back and better than ever. With its faster fire rate you can bring down the opponent in just five shots (i.e 4 in the body and 1 in the head) but its only really effective at close range.
Also comes the melee attack which you can use for assassination kill. As it is meant for short range kills, firing too quickly will effect your aim.

M90 CAWS Shotgun
The shotgun is one of the few weapons that can earn you a one shot kill, but with its close range,you have to face the enemy face to face. Its close range effectiveness is balanced by the complete lack of power at medium and far ranges.
As you will have small amount of shells with long reloading time, you need to be at your best to bring the opponent down.

M392 Designated Marksman Rifle
People have had problems using the DMR following Halo 3 ,but its not the fault of the gun its the user’s. Once you know how to use it, it can be a mean deadly headshot machine.
Because of its size and weight, it’s difficult to carry it thus making it less effective at close combat. At mid to long range it’s deadly, it has a dampened recoil and like the magnum, takes five shots to kill.

MA37 ICWS Assault Rifle
AR is not terribly powerful also not that weak. It’s useful if used with controlled bursts (that will give you accuracy). Because of this you can’t jump around and search for frags.

Sniper Rifle (System 99D Anti-Materiel)
In Halo Reach Sniper has received a tech downgrade(i.e the mini-screen is gone). Nevertheless, two shots from the sniper rifle will kill anyone.
It has infinite range but a limited ammo capacity,high recoil and slow load time. It’s not the gun every one can pick to pull out easy kills, though a well trained sniper will make the most of it in any match.

M319 Grenade Launcher
In Halo Reach GL has been added with a couple of extra features apart from simple grenade throw. If the grenade hits you directly it will explode instantly but if bounces it will explode after a short spell just like a normal nade.

However if you hold down the trigger, you can control the grenade time of explosion that is, it will explode only when you release the trigger. That’s not it , when it explodes,it produces a grenade like explosion and a blast popping shields as the shells go. Great for clearing the vehicle paths or terrorizing teams at score points in games like Stockpile.

M41 Rocket Launcher
The rocket launcher isn’t as easy to use effectively as an average player would think. It’s slow, clumsy as it can cause serious damage to the nearby enemies as well as you. So aim for the feet.

Spartan Laser
Its awesome power is balanced by three second charge time. As tracing a fast vehicle is difficult so spartan laser can be the best option against a vehicle. If you turn away as you fire, its pulse can be widened.

Halo Reach Covenant Weapons

Plasma Repeater
The mechanics of the gun are simple, if fired too quickly for too long it will start to overheat,which slows its fire rate. Hit the reload button to vent it and back to full speed. However it will never stop completely no matter how hot it gets.

Energy sword
The energy sword is a close range combat staple. Great for stealth kills but despite its fast kill potential you wouldn’t want to run into a firing enemy.

Gravity Hammer
Its slow, but can cause a brutal death if you can sneak up on someone and brings the death in an instant to the one pinned under it.

Plasma Pistol
The plasma pistol has some nice hidden uses apart from its lame single fire shots.When charged, it drains an enemy shield completely and also stalls vehicles. But if you hold a charge for too long,you will lose it and be temporarily stunned so watch out.

Needle Rifle
The needle rifle is a slower,more accurate version of the needler (that fires translucent pink shards of crystals). It can pull off headshots and long range kills,but it also has the capability to blow off the enemy that is burrying.
Enough shards in your opponent and he will explode ultimately however, it’s a bit tricky to get hang of.

It’s an ideal medium range weapon. The slight homing,rapid fire crystals from the needle do extra damage once they explode in stuck opponent.

Fuel Rod Cannon
The Fuel Rod cannon is similar to the rocket launcher but slightly weaker,and faster. But its projectiles are slow moving and some what easy to doge at great distances.

Focus Rifle
It’s a cool looking gun with the accuracy of a sniper,searing power of a continuous laser beam and as an added bonus when it hits, stuns the opponent.

Plasma Launcher
Plasma Launcher launches four plasma sticky grenades at once, depending on how you choose to fire. You can shoot them off in quick succession or hold down the fire button till all four grenade icons light up on the weapon’s HUD to see off a vehicle or some poor guy.

Share with us your own experiences with these weapons, and let us know what needs to be added. Contributing commentators will be featured with their names and Xbox gamer tags. Don’t forget to read our Halo Reach Basic Game Guide, Halo Reach Campaign Walkthrough, and Data Pads Location Guide.