Halo Reach Multiplayer Guide

Halo Reach is a prequel to the Halo series, narrating the story of a noble team, a squad of heroic Spartan soldiers, and their last stand on Planet Reach, the last line of defense between Earth and Covenant.

The new game engine delivers the visuals of this ground breaking war to perfection, and immerse players into a large scale encounter against ruthless Covenant forces.After the Halo Reach campaign, players will engage in an unparalleled multiplayer experience that made this franchise popular.

If you are new to Halo or even an old vet, you would surely appreciate the tidbits about the game before you jump into this epic battle. Halo Reach Game Guide will try to provide all the basic information about the game including the changes that are coming your way. What are you waiting for ? scroll down and read, soldier.

Halo Reach Basic Game Guide

Halo Reach Multiplayer Basic Combat

Controls can be customized and you can adjust your controller settings as well as the look sensitivity from the controller menu.

In Halo Reach your shield recharges and your health is finite and once the shield goes down, you die.The Plasma pistol and the electromagnetic pulse disables shields.

The radar in halo reach is much improved from the previous Halo games as it allows player to reveal enemies on ground and above them. However, the active camo ability can jam the radar.

Melee attacks are weaker than before and it will take two hits to take down an enemy. While a melee attack from behind will result in an instant kill. If you hold the melee button, it will result in an assassination.

Assassinations can be performed by holding down the melee button while approaching an enemy from behind. However the player is vulnerable to damage while performing the assassination move.

Arena is a competitive matchmaking mode.
Following rules apply:

  • Play enough games each day and receive a daily rating.
  • Earning enough ratings in a season will and you will be placed in a division amongst your peers.

In the end of each season those who are qualified for a season rating will receive a breakdown of their division placement and their individual performance in each arena playlist.

Halo Reach Abilities Basics

You can select your abilities that you want from the right side of the screen as the timer ticks down.The abilities can be chosen everytime you re-spawn. Abilities can also be toggled with a single button even the jetpack.

Active Camo
It’s back in Halo Reach and this time the player would have more control. By tapping the armor ability button your character will become invisible distinguished only by a faint light and if you are perfectly still that means you are completely invisible.You can toggle active camo on and off to conserve energy.

Armor Lock
Armor lock can be used as a defense maneuver for tactical advantage if you know how to use it. Activate it by holding down the ability button as long as the button is hold, the player is locked in crouch pose and completely invincible.

No matter what is fired at you, you will be completely unharmed in your shell but it has a draw back, if the power runs out you need to charge it again.

The jetpack is the coolest ability in Halo Reach.The power gets the player from place to place.If used right its a powerful mobility tool in combat and lets you reach the places where others cant reach.
Watch out at the recharge meter though, it is placed at the lower end of the screen.

The sprint ability is only available for Halo Reach Spartans and gives the player a quick burst of speed when he needs it. Like the other abilities it needs to recharge and lasts only for a short time.
Hit sprint if you need to run quickly towards cover. It is great for assassination, coupled with a hammer or sword, you can rack up multiple kills easily by dashing head-on into enemies

Evade ability isn’t available for Halo Reach Spartans but only to Halo Reach Elites. It’s an avoidance maneuver which allows the player to dodge attacks and run into cover.

Halo Reach Game Modes

Juggernaut has increased boosts, shields and a gravity hammer. The juggernaut shield is susceptible to shield draining weapons like the plasma pistol. If you kill the Juggernaut, you become the Juggernaut yourself. You will get points for killing other players as the Juggernaut.The player with the most points at the end of the round wins.

Head hunter
In this mode a skull is dropped when a player is killed. The player must collect these skulls and bring it to the designated skull points i.e White Rings on the map.

Generator Defense
In generator defense, a team of Spartans has to defend 3 generators while the Elites have to destroy these generators. The blast shield can also be activated in order to protect the generator temporarily.

1 Flag CTF
One team has to defend the flag while the other team attempts to steal the flag and bring it to their territory.

In stockpile 4 flags need to be collected in a level and returned to each team territory and the flags planted in the teams territory can be stolen.

Players in this mode attempt to grab the skull and hold onto it for 2 minutes. The team that holds the skull wins the round.

Crazy king
This mode features a ring that shifts locations every 30 seconds. The first person to spend 100 seconds in the ring wins.

3 plots
The territories of the enemies are captured which results in earning points. Once you have captured a territory, you will still earn points if you leave till it is recaptured by enemy.

It is like Team Death match. The team with highest score wins.

It is same as Slayer mode but in this mode, players don’t have shields or radars.

Covy Slayer
This slayer variant features only elites.

Slayer Pro
It is Slayer mode variant and difference is, players don’t have motion tracking radar.

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