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Xbox 360 Tweaks, Hacks and Exploits

There are all sorts of tweaks you can do to your consoles these days, every console that is. Today, we will look into possibilities from Xbox 360 perspective. Here are the tweaks, exploits, and hacks you can use for your Xbox 360 for different purposes.
How to Connect Two Screens at a time
If you are having a LAN party, it will be fun playing your Xbox 360 in two different screens. But this feature can only be used in Standard Definition (SD), not in High Definition (HD). If you have component/composite cable which comes in the box with most of 360’s, connect composite (yellow) with one TV and component (Red) with the other TV.

How to Play Xbox 360 Games Online for Free (Without Xbox Live Account)
To play games online on your Xbox 360, you need Xbox Live Account for which you have to PAY.
But using this TeamXLink software and running it on your PC while your PC and Xbox are in same netwrok, allows you to connect to online games as if you are playing on LAN, much like Hamachi or Tunngle. This software deceives the 360 letting it think that you are connected to LAN with your remote friends.

You can download TeamXLink software here.

How to Interact with Media
While playing music (from a CD, 360’s hard disk, your MP3 player plugged in, or streamed from your PC) press Y to open Neon. Now use thumb pads and buttons to interact with the Neon’s Visualization (you can connect upto four controllers), there are also some defined controls for Neon which you can find in Xbox 360 manual.

How to Connect Xbox 360 with a Wireless network without Official Adapter
Instead of buying  £50 Wi-Fi Adapter from Microsoft you can connect to a wireless network using a laptop. You have to connect LAN cable with your 360 and Laptop and follow this simple procedure:

XP Users
Go to Control Panel > Network Connections
Vista Users
Go to Network & Sharing Center > Manage Network Connections
Windows 7 Users
Network & Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings

Here You will see two connections, Local Area Connection and a wireless Connection select Both of them at same time and Right Click and select Bridge Connections, re-start your wireless network and you are good to go!
But if you want to use wireless network on your laptop, you have to disable the Bridge with same procedure.

How to Reset Video Settings
If you use your 360 on different screens and move it a lot, then probably sometime it ends up with screen flickering or your screen goes blank.There is a simple fix for this, just follow these steps.

  • Remove any Disc present and Turn OFF your 360.
  • Now Turn it ON using your game pad.
  • As it boots press and Hold Y button, then hit and hold Right Trigger.
  • The video settings will be reset to default.

How to Play any Media File on your Xbox
Using this software Tversity You can play any type of media on your 360. You have to connect your PC and Xbox in a same Network and install that software on PC.
It will act as File Sharing software and converts all Media which are Not-Supported by the 360. You can also give Streaming links on PC end and see Videos Streamed on your 360.

How to Use any HDMI cable and Get Digital Surround Sound
The newer 360’s are built in a way that if you plug a normal HDMI cable then you cant plug in your standard component/composite video cable, with its Audio Output cable. Instead you have to buy Official HDMI cable with Audio Adapter.
There is a fix but only for those who can take the risk of physical damage to your console. There is a plastic box at the end of Standard Video Cable that connects to console, take a knife or screw driver, wedge it into the Joint and Twist it Open (It looks weird but it wont cause any damage). Now you can plug your Audio Output cable with any HDMI cable.

System Updates by Disc
If you have haven’t got your console online and find it troublesome to upgrade your machine, then you can download upgrades on your PC from here, burn to a Disc and use it to upgrade.

How to Clear Xbox 360 Cache
If you are having some mysterious slowing down with any game or lag between the menu of the 360. You might have to clear your junk and cache. To do so Go to System Blade > Select Memory > HD > then press these buttons in this order Y, X, X, Left Bumper, Right Bumper, X and X. It will pop up a message about maintenance and memory will be cleared from junk.

Warning. Try at your own risk.