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How to Sync GTA IV Time With Your System Clock

Won’t it be cool if your in-game clock in Grand Theft Auto 4 is synchronized with your systems clock? I bet it will be. If you are interested in doing so follow these simple steps:

Step 1| Download GTA IV Time Sync Mod
You need to download the mod. You will also need “asiloader” and “Scripthook” to make this mod function.

You can download these via links given.
Download GTA IV Time Sync mod
Download GTA IV asiloader
Download GTA IV Scripthook

Step 2| Copy files in root directory
Extract the downloaded archives in your hard drive. Then copy  “dsound.dll”, “ScriptHook.dll”, “ScriptHookDotNet.asi”, “firstperson.ini” and “systemtimesync.asi” to your GTA 4 root folder.

Now launch the game and you will see that your in game time is same as that of your system clock. So if your system clock is showing 9 pm, it will be night in the game and if it is 9 am then you will observe day time in the game.

Have Fun!