Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days Co Op Online Tunngle Guide

Kane and Lynch 2 have left us disappointed with its short story-mode, but it redeems itself by offering a compelling co-op mode.

You can play the game online via Steam invite method, but if your friend hasn’t got the steam invite feature active or any other issue due to which you can’t play it on steam.

You can always do that on virtual network adapter like Tunngle, follow the guide below to set it up correctly.

Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days Tunngle Guide

Step1|Get Tunngle
Download and Install Tunngle on your computer. After you have it installed, create your account and login.

Step2|Update Kane and Lynch 2
Update your game to the latest patch to resolve any bugs. Make sure you and your friends have the same patch.

Step3|Port Forwarding and Firewall Configuration
You need to port forward UDP 11155 if you are behind a router. Make sure your firewall is not blocking Kane and Lynch 2 executable or not blocking your network activity. If firewall is blocking the game, add an exception to the firewall.

Step 4| Join Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days Lobby
Search for Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days lobby in Tunngle and join it. You can also create a new lobby and tell your friends to join it if you want to host a friends only game. If you are looking for other players online, probably join the lobby that’s already there.

Step 5|Host Network Game
Create a network game. Others should be able to see your hosted game in their local area network. Once everyone has joined in, start the game and have fun.

How to Change Your Name in Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days
Only for those, who don’t have a steam account associated with the game.
1. Download Hexplorer.
2. Open “steam_api.dll” with Hexplorer.
3. Click the replace button in the top tab after search icon and put the  nickname currently showing up in the game in the first text window and put the nickname you want to use in the second text window.

Now, your nick name should be 12 letter’s long in theory.If you opt to use shorter nickname, you will have to place appropriate number of spaces in place of letters.
Like in order to use “Zawad” nickname, I will replace my current name with “Zawad(space)(space)(space)(space)(space)(space)(space)”. These are 7 spaces, tapping spacebar 7 times.

5. Change the nickname and save the “steam_api.dll”.

If you face any issue, comment and I will try to resolve it.