How to Import Multiplayer Maps in Worms Reloaded

Yes, you can play your favorite Worms Armageddon maps in Worms Reloaded online multiplayer but first you will need to make them compatible with Worms Reloaded. All you need to do is, follow simple steps below and you will be successfully importing maps of your choice in Worms Reloaded without any trouble.

  1. Download the  map of your choice.
  2. Open your image in a photo editing software like Photoshop.
  3. Change the size of the image to 2560×1280 pixels, that’s a restriction.
  4. Save the file in .TGA format.
  5. Open Worms Reloaded map editor.
  6. Load your .TGA file
  7. Save it with the editor to make it a compatible .LDS file.
  8. Go in multiplayer and create a public or private match to load this map.

Thanks wormers34 for the tip.