Elemental War of Magic Cheats, Secrets and Unlocks

Elemental War of Magic will keep you busy until Civilization V is released, its one the well crafted turn based strategy games. If you are stuck somewhere or just out of resources or need help from the invisible hand, you can refer to the cheat codes, and secret codes below.

How to Enable Cheat Mode
Right click on the shortcut of the game, go to its properties and add cheat in the target box at the end, after a space.

Example: C:\Program Files\Elemental War of Magic\elemental.exe cheat

Now that the cheat mode has been enabled, you can use these keyboard shortcuts for their respected effect.

Cheat Code Effect
CTRL + M +1000 to all Resources
CTRL + S Autosave
CTRL + B Completes buildings projects
CTRL + J Completes units projects
CTRL + D Converts Enemy (selected) party
CTRL + C Copy selected party (leaders)
CTRL + F Gives you a spouse and children
CTRL + X Hide/Show Interface
CTRL + K Kill selected party
CTRL + P Level Up (aka lots of XP) Party leaders
CTRL + R Research Current Tech
CTRL + Q Research Spells (A Little)
CTRL + E Research Spells (A Lot)
CTRL + U Reveal Map (Note: Can sometimes cause major lag)
CTRL + Z Starts/Stops Auto Turn (Turns just fly by until you stop it)
CTRL + T Teleports the selected character/unit to the cursor

If you had trouble with the game, you can seek help from our Elemental War of Magic Troubleshooting Guide.

Have Fun!