Elemental War of Magic Bugs, Crashes, Freezes and FPS Fix

Elemental War of Magic is a fantasy 4X turn based strategy game developed and published by Stardock.

Game is set in the World full of magic and ancient lore and is one of the most anticipated turn based strategy games of this year. If you are into turn based strategy games then Elemental War of Magic will be a treat for you. But not before you resolve all the crashes, game freezes and bugs in the game.

Follow the workarounds listed below if you come across any issue while playing the game.

Elemental War of Magic Troubleshooting Guide

1# Elemental War Of Magic FPS and Performance Issues
It has been observed that whenever 3D objects are in the screen, it decreases the frame rates drastically. Game may work smoothly otherwise but not with 3D map/objects around.
What’s the cause, we don’t know but you can try running your game with cloth map mode to streamline the performance of the game.

Alternatively, you can switch game’s affinity to just one of your processors. To do this, hit CTRL-ALT-DEL while the game is running, then right click “Elemental” under Processes. Down the bottom of the list, see “Set Affinity”. Just check one.

Or you can start the game in windowed mode at your desktop resolution, instead of full screen.

The issue seems to be overloading of CPU for graphics rendering while its GPU’s job, which drastically reduces the performance of the game.

2# Random Game Crashes
Patch the game, its been fixed.

3# Game Freezes When Launched
No appropriate solution yet, but you can try running the game in compatibility mode.

4# Game Crashes to Desktop
Update your hardware and graphic card drivers and make sure you meet the minimum system requirements.

5# Cannot Find additional City Using Pioneer
Its an error in-game caused by some goodie hut or resource on the tile that hasn’t yet been revealed by the adventure research.
Good thing is, developers are working to fix this issue, so update your game to the latest patch when it gets released.

6# Cursor Disappears and Game Freezes on Launch in Windowed Mode
Try turning off the auto-end turn and see if that helps.

7# Black Screen at Start
Wait for the game to load properly, you may have to wait for like 1-2 minutes before you can see anything. If that doesn’t help, launch the game windowed and see if that helps.
You can also check “Prefs.ini” locate in your user profile "Documents\My Games\Elemental" and change the resolution of the game to your native desktop resolution.

8# Approaching Heroes Diagonally Results in Attack
If you make contact with an adventurer along a diagonal, the game reads it as an attack, auto battles, and you get called a terrible Sovereign for killing an adventurer.
Its a game bug so avoid before it gets fixed, you can use select the champion and then use their actions menu to talk to them to avoid any accidental killings.

9# Game Definition Files Stopped Working Error
Try excluding GDF_Elemental_install.exe from any antivirus you have installed also add firewall exception for the executable.

10# Out of Memory Crash and Poor FPS Fix
If you are on Windows 7 with ATI graphic card, update your graphic card drivers to post july update which fixes the large memory leak caused by pre-july update.

11# Elemental War of Magic Transparent UI Fix
To resolve this issue delete the screens folder in
Vista/Windows 7

C:\ProgramData\Stardock\Elemental – War of Magic

Windows XP

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Stardock\Elemental – War of Magic

If this doesn’t solve the issue update your graphic card drivers.

12# Can’t view the game map
Download and install the latest video card drivers. For ATI users, down the latest catalyst drivers (10.8 catalyst), or run the game windowed. If that also doesn’t work catalyst v10.5 is worth a shot.

13# Problem Leveling After Tactical Battle
After winning a tactical battle you level up but can’t spend attribute points, cursor remains the move cursor from tactical battle and unable to select an attribute to spend points. In this case you can probably do this:

  1. Start a game.
  2. Have your near levelling sovereign join a battle. Not sure if  XP gained for your sovereign is tied to what they do in the battle, but
  3. Ensure your sovereign levels with that battle
  4. Click past the battle summary page
  5. Attempt to allocate points for your sovereign or exit the level up window in anyway.

Courtesy @ Jarus M at official game forums.

Alternatively you can auto-resolve the battle to avoid the error altogether.

14# Elemental War of Magic (0xc0000005) Error
Update your directX and video card drivers and launch the game directly from the exe instead of using the launcher. “d3d9_41.dll” is the culprit file causing this error, so uninstalling and reinstalling the directX will resolve the issue.


  • Update the game to the latest patch to avoid random crashes.
  • If you are on ATI video card, update your catalyst drivers. Or revert back to v10.5 drivers which seem to work well with the game.
  • Update your directX and video card drivers generally.
  • Make sure the game executable is added in the firewall exception list and also excluded from any antivirus you are running.

If you face any other issue, comment away.