How to Play Quantum of Solace on Hamachi or Tunngle

Quantum of Solace is based on the famous bond movies “Casino Royale” and Quantum of Solace”. The game is a PC first person shooter and is admired by many 007 fans. Although the game does not feature any co-op mode, still you can enjoy its versus mode with your friends using VPN like Hamachi or Tunngle. Following guide will help you play Quantum of Solace online using Hamachi or Tunngle.

Step by Step Guide to Play Quantum of Solace on Hamachi/Tunngle

Step 1
You need to download a registry fix made by “TeknoGods”. You can have it from here. The fix contains a loader and two registry files, one for Hamachi and other for Tunngle.

Step 2
You can extract these files any where in your hard drive. After extraction, double click the respective registry file i.e if you are a Hamachi user use “ConnectionOverrideHamachi” and if you are a Tunngle user than use the other file named “ConnectionOverrideTunngle”. It is recommended that you restart your system after this.

Step 3
The one who wants to host should launch Quantum Of Solace and host the game using LAN option. Host does not need to do anything else, not even use the “DLL loader”.

Step 4
Those who want to connect to your hosted game need to minimize their game by pressing “Alt+Tab” key and start the TeknoGods loader(DLLLoad) file present in the files you unzipped earlier.
You can also start the loader first and then launch the game but I will suggest you do launch the loader after launching the game.

Step 5
Go to to LAN option and search for the hosted game. Press F12 (for ping override) and you will hear “working”, join the game. Once you are in lobby, press F12, second time and you’ll hear “transfer complete”.

Enjoy the game.

Important Notes

  • Make sure that Hamachi is at the top of priority list in your network connections.
  • Obviously, both the host and the other players should be in the same network or room using Hamachi or Tunngle respectively.
  • Your firewall should not block either your VPN (Hamachi or Tunngle) or the game.
  • Your in game IP should be same as your Hamachi IP. To check that, launch the game and press “Home” key . Then click “Personal settings” and then “Network settings”.

Do let us know if you are facing any sort of problems.