Playstation 3 Hacked Jailbroken to Back Up Games

It came as a shocker when an Australian mod chip distributor uploaded few videos on youtube showing the most secure console of all time ‘Playstation 3’ back up copies of disc games.

OzModChips posted three videos showing the hacked Playstation 3 with simple mod chip USB and a software to back-up copies of disc games, claiming it to be the first public demonstration of Playstation 3 mod chip hack.
This hack enables Playstation 3 users to run back-up copies of the games, homebrew and also pirate games.

Something that Sony will take very seriously and has been successfully blocking all the attempts.

In the video, the narrator shows us, how he runs Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction, while the disc inserted in the console is Uncharted 2: Among the thieves. All you are required is to do is insert a PS3 game DVD to emulate the loading process.

In the video demonstration above, a God of War III disc is inserted into the console, and the narrator navigates through the list of already installed games on system’s hard drive and loads Infamous. How true the story is, will be found, when the Playstation 3 Jailbreak package is made available to public on 27th August.

But, we already have a review guide live, which shows how you can do backup games on Playstation 3 and play them from the system drive or external USB drive using Back Up Manager and PS Jailbreak.

Playstation 3 mod chip has already made its way to several retailers for sale including  Ozmodchips, and ChipSpain. Expect the list to go on, as we get more reviews and testimonials about this product.