How to Install Diablo II On Linux

Diablo II is a dark fantasy themed with gameplay elements of hack-and-slash and dungeon crawling genres. Released back in 2000, is one of the most popular roleplaying game of the last decade, and still played by millions. A sequel to the game was announced by Blizzard back in 2008 and is still in development.You can play Diablo 2 on Linux if you haven’t yet, below tutorial outlines the steps, how you can play Diablo 2 on Linux.

How to Install Diablo II on Linux

To Install Diablo II or any other game whose iso file you have got, you have to install Wine and Gmountiso.

Step 1
To Install wine and Gmountiso, start a Terminal (Application > Accessories > Terminal).

Step 2| Diablo II Wine Configuration
Now you have to configure Wine, in a Terminal Run enter


Step 3| Diablo II Wine Configuration
In Drives tab, Add a new Drive and name it say ‘D’. Select this new Drive and click Advanced button, set the Drive type to CD-ROM and change the Location to:


Diablo II on Linux

and Press OK.

Step 4
Run the Gmountiso Program, select the Diablo II install disc and mount it in ~/iso and press “Jump to” button. Now double click the “setup.exe” and select Full Install and Install as usual.

Step 5
During installation the setup will ask you to insert the other disk, now unmount the current disk and then select the install disc. Do not change the Location, mount the iso in ~/iso press mount and go back to Diablo 2 installer and press OK.

Step 6
Now apply patch if needed and you are done with the installation.