Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days Walkthrough

After a simple job goes wrong, the game’s main characters, Kane and Lynch, find themselves in the brutal struggle for life as they end up wanted by entire underworld of Shanghai.

Lynch has settled down in Shanghai with his girl friend after events that took place in original game. He is involved in a big arms deal but would need help to make it happen.

With all their differences aside, Lynch calls Kane, ‘now a wanderer and an ex-mercenary with the family problems of his own’  for help. Deal falls apart and they are left with facing the consequences together.

Below is the split screen co op walkthrough guide of Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days, you can refer to for help.

Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days Split Screen Co Op Story Mode Walkthrough Guide

Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days Co Op Walkthrough Part-1

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