Unreal Tournament 3 Dedicated Server Guide

When it comes to Arcade style FPS games online, Unreal Tournament hits the top of the list. Unreal tournament 3 is the latest of all and has been admired by many gamers due to its fast action packed gameplay. Game features dedicated server support and if you want to host a dedicated server for UT3 following step by step guide will aid you in setting it up correctly. 

Unreal Tournament 3 Dedicated Server Guide

Step 1| Download the Server Package
First you need to download the dedicated server files and install it on your PC. You can download the files for “Windows” from here. Extract the files and then complete the setup using “SetupUT3.exe” file.

Step 2| Apply the Patch
Now you need to patch your server to the latest patch.

Warning. If you have patched your server then those who want to connect to your server should also use the same patch. Otherwise they won’t be able to connect.

Step 3| Port Forwarding
Before you continue, you need to open certain ports for your dedicated server. So make sure that you have forward the following ports:


7777 (default port)



Step 4| Setting up Batch File
Now you need to setup a batch file with command line to launch your dedicated server. Here is a sample command line:

cd \Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3 (Dedicated)\binaries
ut3.exe server vCTFSuspense?Game=UTGameContent.
-log=server.log -login=MyGamespyLogin
-password=MyGamespyPassword -nohomedir –unattended
cd \Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3 (Dedicated)\UTGame\Logs
copy server.log server.bak

Note. This command line should work if you paste it as such. But if somehow it does not work for you, make sure that part of the command from ut3.exe to unattended is in one line in your text document which will make a total of 6 lines in the text.

Open the Notepad and place the above code in it and save the file.You can place it anywhere in your hard drive. Edit the command line according to your own need.
Make sure that the code is in the same line format in your text document. As you can see in the code, you will also need to make a Gamespy account and place it’s “username” and “password” in the command line.

Step 5| Launch the batch file
Once you have created your batch file, double click it to launch your server. A black console window will pop up as your server windows.

Tip. If you don’t have any idea that what should be placed in the command line, you can refer to this
wiki to fill your command line variables. You can also check the basic admin commands.

If you are facing any problems in setting up your server, post it here and we will try to solve your these problems.