Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days Demo PC,Xbox 360 and Playstation 3

Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days comes with lot of improvements, story is well scripted straight out from Michael Mann’s film. Game set’s players into run for fix when a simple job in Shanghai goes wrong.

IO Interactive have improved much of the gameplay elements including aiming, covering system, enemy AI, and controls. Another plus of the game is the addition of the online Co Op.

Game’s original multiplayer mode Fragile Alliance will come back with an ability to play offline using AI bots, cool ?.

Multiplayer part of the game has been extended by the addition of team death match mode pitting cops against robbers, and variation of Fragile Alliance that adds an undercover cop into the mix.

Interested to check out all that ? Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days demo is out on all platforms. Millions are already checking demo as its now available to all folks on PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. (Xbox 360 demo requires a code though)

Demo offers singleplayer mission, which takes place in and around a restaurant in Shanghai, along with some multiplayer action.

You can download the Kane and Lynch 2 demo for PC from Steam, for Xbox 360 from Live Marketplace, and for Playstation 3 from PSN Store.